[Benefits of eating egg custard for pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Weight

[Benefits of eating egg custard for pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Weight

I think one of the best ways to eat eggs is chicken cake, and this way of eating is easier for the nutritional value of eggs to be absorbed by everyone. Many mothers also make eggs for babies when they add complementary foods to their babies.For pregnant women, eating chicken cake often has many advantages, because the nutritional value of eggs is very high, and it is easier to absorb. So what are the benefits of eating egg custard for pregnant women?

Would pregnant women eat steamed eggs? Would pregnant women eat steamed eggs?

In terms of the nutritional absorption and digestibility of eggs, 100% for boiled eggs, 97% for scrambled eggs, 98% for deep-fried eggs, and 81 for old-fried eggs.

1%, the steamed egg is 92.

5%, 30% raw?

As far as the vitamin preservation of eggs is concerned, the first place is boiled eggs with shells. The heating temperature is low and the nutrients are fully retained.

The second place is steamed eggs, lower heating temperature, less loss of metabolic vitamins such as riboflavin and lutein.

It can be seen that steamed eggs are indeed a good way to eat.

Benefits of pregnant women eating steamed eggs

Provides amino acids that are potentially needed by the human body in eggs, which are very needed for pregnant women and fetuses who are at an important stage.

If any one of the eight amino acids in the pregnant woman’s body will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus correspondingly, methionine in some glucose will affect the slight breakdown of the human body, increasing the chance of suffering from internal organ diseases such as mild liver.

Therefore, in order to keep the human body functioning properly, eggs are not food that pregnant women can consume.


Provide high-quality breast milk. The quality of mother’s milk is crucial to weight, because high-quality breast milk can achieve a healthy and smart baby.

Eggs contain a lot of high-quality protein and egg fat, and pregnant women eat a moderate amount of eggs to help improve the quality of postpartum breast milk.


The minerals in eggs for cancer prevention are very rich, such as iron, calcium, potassium, etc., are high in content. Pregnant women eat moderate amounts of eggs to effectively prevent cancer, because the minerals in eggs can break down and oxidize human carcinogens.


Promote brain development Eggs contain a substance called choline, which has a great effect on the hippocampal effect of memory storage, which can increase fetal brain cells and promote brain tissue development.

So pregnant women eat some eggs in moderation, which can make the fetal brain develop more comprehensively, and also improve fetal memory.


The protein in repairing liver eggs is very rich and belongs to high-quality protein, so it can repair the damage to liver tissue.

The right amount of eggs for pregnant women can promote liver cell regeneration and enhance the liver function of pregnant women.