Cupping Therapy for Chronic Pharyngitis

Cupping Therapy for Chronic Pharyngitis

Chronic laryngitis refers to diffuse inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa, lymphatic tissue, and mucus adenosine.

The disease often recurs and persists. It is mainly caused by the incomplete removal of the disease after the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. The upper respiratory tract infection, excessive use of voice (singing, talking), long-term smoking and drinking can also cause chronic diseases.pharyngitis.

Clinical symptoms include dry throat, itching, burning, pain, foreign body sensation, discomfort when swallowing, hoarseness or aphasia, etc., severe cases are accompanied by cough, cough, and worse in the morning.

Generally divided into lung and stomach fever and lung and kidney deficiency type 2.

  First, the lungs and stomach are hot (a) symptoms of throat redness, swelling and pain, dry throat and itching, hoarseness, accompanied by fever, headache, thirst, bad breath, yellow cough, bloating, constipation, yellow urine.

  (B) Governing Law (1) Select acupoints Tiantu, Quchi, Shao Shang, Fenglong, Inner Court.

  (2) Positioning the atrium: at the back of the foot, when the 2nd and 3rd toes are behind the toe margin and the white fleshy margin.

  Tiantu: In one aspect, the current is on the midline and in the center of the upper sternal fossa.

  Honglong: On the anterolateral side of the calf, when the external recombination tip is 8 inches, outside the mouth, 2 transverse fingers (middle finger) from the anterior edge of the vertical bone (the midpoint of the line connecting the horizontal line and the horizontal line of the ankle, in the tibia, fibulaIn between, about 2 horizontal fingers from the anterior condyle of the skeletal bone are the acupoints).

  Less quotient: on the radial side of the tip of the thumb, 0.1 inches from the nail angle.

  Quchi: At the lateral end of the horizontal elbow, when the elbow is flexed, the midpoint of the line connecting the ruler with the outer epicondyle of the fractured bone (the elbow is bent at 45 °, the elbow is on the radial side, and the elbow is the acupoint site.).
  (3) Cupping method.

Use plum blossoms to lightly puncture the above points, taking the degree of skin redness or slight bleeding as the degree, and then cupping on Tiantu, Quchi, Fenglong points, leaving the pots for 5 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.
  Second, the deficiency of lung and kidney (a) Symptoms The throat is slightly red and swollen, the throat is dry and itchy, the color is dark red, the pain is mild, the mouth and feet are dry, the hands and feet are warm, the symptoms of the night are worse, or there is irritability, insomnia, and tinnitus.

  (2) Governing Law (1) Select acupoints Tiantu, Yuji, Taixi, Zhaohai.

  (2)定位 太溪:在足内侧内踝后方,当内踝尖与跟腱之间的凹陷处 [由足内踝尖向后推至凹陷处(大约当内踝尖与跟腱间之中点)为取Acupuncture point.

  Zhaohai: In the ankle area, the internal depression is sharp.

  Sudden: see before.

  Yuji: the midpoint of the first metacarpal, red-white flesh.

  (3) Cupping method is simply flashing method.

Each of the above points flash cans, each hole flash can 20?
30 times, once a day, 5 times as a course of treatment.

  Third, matters needing attention (1) Cupping treatment plan for this disease, be patient and cooperate with the treatment; use less voice and less vocalization during treatment, do not yell loudly, pay attention to keep warm and avoid colds.

  (2) Properly adjust the diet, avoid spicy and irritating food, and quit smoking and alcohol.

  Fourth, diabetes Chen, female, 32 years old.

The throat is dry and uncomfortable for 4 years. In the past 2 months, the sore throat has worsened, foreign body sensation in the throat, hoarseness, dry mouth and bitterness, constipation, and short urination.

Examination: Pharyngeal congestion, follicular hyperplasia, no enlarged tonsils, diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis.

The acupuncture points were taken from the inner court, Tiantu, Fenglong, Shao quotient, and Quchi.

Use plum blossoms to lightly puncture the above points, taking the degree of skin redness or slight bleeding as the degree, and then cupping on Tiantu, Quchi, Fenglong points, leaving the pots for 5 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.
After 1 course of treatment, the symptoms were eliminated, and only the feeling of deficiency remained. Following the 1 course of treatment, the pharynx could not be eliminated. No abnormal signs were found in the pharynx, and no recurrence was seen every year.

How about joking in social?

How about joking in social?


Joking depends on the subject As the saying goes: “A hundred people are in every shape.

“People have different personalities.

Just make jokes with people who are tolerant, or allow the atmosphere to be adjusted, and make jokes with female classmates and colleagues.


It ‘s a joke to watch time. As the saying goes, “People are refreshed at every happy event.

“Joke, it is best to choose to turn the other side’s emotions by making jokes when the other side is in a good mood or when the other side is angry about small things.


Joking depends on the occasion. The environment is in libraries, hospitals and other places where you need to keep quiet. Do n’t make jokes. In a sad atmosphere such as mourning, you should not make jokes.


When joking, you should pay attention to the content. When joking, you must pay attention to the content’s health, humor, and elegant atmosphere.

In social activities, don’t make vulgar jokes.

Don’t make fun of other people’s physical defects, such as making fun of people with disabilities.

A must-see classic law between husband and wife

A must-see classic law between husband and wife


The law of cooking: The wife who cooks vegetables often must be the husband, and the husband who cooks vegetables must be delicious.


Law of Loyalty: The more a wife loves her husband, the more loyal the husband is to the wife; the more the husband loves the wife, the more the wife is disloyal to the husband.


The law of spending money: The wife spends money on dressing (beauty, dressing), and the husband spends money on enjoyment (cigarette, alcohol, brand, etc.).


The law of shopping: When you arrive at the market, you do n’t know what to buy is your wife. When you come to the market, you see what you buy and it ‘s your husband.


Law of maturity: The husband who is loved by his wife is more mature, and the wife who is spoiled by her husband is more immature.


Law of work: In the eyes of a husband, there is always no work at home; in the eyes of a wife, there is always work to be done in the home.


The law of going out: The wife who goes out most is the wife, and the wife who goes out last is also the wife.


The law of going home: The wife wants to go home as soon as she goes out, and the husband does not like to go home as soon as she goes out; the wife does not want to go home again, the husband must go home in a hurry; once the husband does not want to go home, the wife has to leave home sooner or later.


The law of quarrel: The more quarrelless the quarrel, the fiercer the quarrel.


Law of persuasion: Once there is a conflict between a husband and wife, the more people who come to persuade, the more difficult it is to resolve the conflict.

Explain fitness and fitness misunderstandings

Explain fitness and fitness misunderstandings

Do n’t eat enough before exercise. Exercise should be done step by step. Do not twist the exercise by hand suddenly. Avoid taking a hot bath immediately after exercise. Exercise only when you feel good.Stop exercise immediately.

  Stroke prevention: U.S. experts’ 14-year follow-up survey of 72,488 nurses showed that those who walked for 6 hours a week were less likely to have a stroke due to blood clots than those who did not walk or walked short40%.

Stroke exercise should be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

  Prevent Diabetes: In addition to controlling your diet, brisk walking helps consumption and improves your metabolism for a day, thereby promoting weight loss.

Walking also prevents slight deposits, which helps to maintain a beautiful body shape.

Those who are overweight and want to lose weight should walk more than 1 hour a day.

  Preventing Diabetes: Recent research confirms that an active lifestyle, including brisk walking for 30 minutes a day, prevents diabetes, and can control the development of diabetic patients with poor glucose absorption.

  Preventing osteoporosis: Studies have shown that women who often walk while adolescents and pay attention to calcium supplementation rarely develop osteoporosis in adulthood.

  Prevent arthritis: Walking can strengthen the muscles around the joints, thereby reducing joint pain.

Walking in the water is also very beneficial for joints.

  ◆ Fitness walking can keep your body happy for ten minutes. Keeping a good mood, walking helps break down depression.

One study confirmed that patients with depression do not take medicine and instead walk daily, and after 10 months are much relieved than those treated with antidepressants.

  Fitness experience talk (1) communication, I choose to walk Lingling, 27 years old, an English teacher in a primary school, I personally think that walking is a feasible way to keep fit.

I have never participated in any weight loss class or bodybuilding class, but I have maintained a good figure, and I think it all benefited from the unhurried walking.

  In addition, I think walking with my boyfriend is a good opportunity for two people to strengthen communication.

Since two people usually spend less time together, we all cherish those time for a walk together.

He will tell me about some problems at work, and some conflicts and confusions in dealing with interpersonal relationships. I also often tell him interesting things about the students in the class.

In this way, we can share our troubles and share happiness while walking.

  Talking about fitness experience (two) fitness walking, 70-year-old is still like the young man Song Bo, 72 years old, retired cadres I have always believed that fitness walking has the effect of extending life.

  Now I have more than 70, but my waist is not sour, my back is not fat, my hair is not white, my voice is not dumb, my ears are not listening, and my movement is not slow.

Sometimes when I meet friends during exercise, they all say that I look like I am 50 or 60 years old.

Now BMW has real benefits for the elderly: ride for free with your old card.

However, my wife and I chose to walk every short distance.

  Fitness walking also has another benefit, that is, feeling good.

I used to be mechanical, and later I became fascinated with writing, novels, essays, and essays.

As these words appeared in the press, I was relieved.

Because I know it’s the fitness walk that inspired my creative inspiration.

My experience is that fitness walking can move your legs and brain, which can promote health.

  Fitness walking is still a feeling.

Walking alone is a dialogue between mind and soul, thinking, expecting, remembering, and missing.

The two walk, especially when walking and chatting with their husbands, in a relaxed mood. They can better appreciate the joy of life and forget all their troubles.

  Let ‘s start walking together now. Fitness walking equipment essential shoes: the most important equipment for fitness walking is a pair of suitable shoes.

Choose the right shoes according to your foot type.

Absolutely, there are three types of human feet: standard, one-foot and high-arch.

The initial arch of the sole of the foot is small, and the foot discomfort tends to tilt inward when running. Therefore, when buying shoes, you should choose sports shoes with good arch support, arches in the shoes, a hard heel, and a straight sole cutting line.
For arched feet, the arch is high, and the arch is difficult to get close to the ground. Shoes with good shock absorption and support performance, such as shoes with air cushions on the heels, should be selected to reduce the damage to the brain caused by the shock.

It is best to buy shoes at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, because the feet are slightly swollen due to congestion. When trying shoes, wear cotton socks on one foot, new shoes on one foot, and old shoes on the other.To comfortable fit shoes.

Patients with diabetes are prone to complications, so you should choose comfortable and soft shoes, preferably shoes with adjustable laces.  Socks: You should wear cotton sports socks when walking, and the size is right, not too tight.

  Clothing: Large cotton T-shirts and trousers are preferred.

  The basics of fitness walking The basics of fitness walking are: two feet should go straight, knees straight when one leg is kicked backward, knees bent when the other leg is swinging forward, with the whole foot on the ground, and then straighten again in an instant.

The upper body is naturally upright, the chest is raised, the eyes are looking up, and the arms naturally swing back and forth with the movement of the legs.

  The intensity of the fitness walk The speed of the fitness walk can be grasped by “heart rate during exercise”.

  The expert provided a formula for calculating the “heart rate during exercise”: maximum exercise heart rate = maximum heart rate × 0.

9, minimum exercise heart rate = maximum heart rate × 0.

6, the maximum heart rate in the above formula = 220-age.

And experts believe that the general exercise center rate should be 65% of the maximum heart rate?

75%, reduced intensity exercise is more beneficial to improving health.

  During the fitness exercise, the exerciser feels full of fever, moderate sweating, faster heart rate but not uncomfortable, faster breathing but not sulking.

After walking, I feel a little tired. After a short rest, my heart rate and breathing basically return to normal.

  Experts point out that fitness walking requires people to start at 80?
110 meters speed brisk walking, each fitness walk must be more than 30 minutes, exercise at least 3 times a week to achieve the effect.

  Fitness walking tricks and multi-effects “Eight fitness walking steps” have shown obvious effects on lowering the total blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood pressure of the human body.

  ★ The first step: striding usually takes an hour to walk, and the effect of striding for 20 minutes is incomparable!

Because when striding, the whole body muscles participate in the exercise, and the amount of exercise is very large. In addition, the amount of blood circulation can also increase when the muscle is exerted.

So if you really want to practice fitness, you must take a big step first.

The advice for everyone is: men walk 100 meters in no more than 100 steps, while women walk 100 meters in 110 steps, which is usually 10 times larger than our usual walk.?20 cm.

  ★ The second step: “10:10” to move the arm horizontally, such as the clock hand at the “9:15” position, and then tilt the arm upward, this position is “10:10”.

“10:10” walking is very chest-high, with your arms raised to the “10:10” position of the clock. If you insist on walking 200 steps a day, the cervical spine will be effectively trained.

  ★ The third step: There are two methods of breathing exercise during walking: one is to breathe freely while walking; the other is to step on the rhythm of “one, two, three, four” during walking, the first, two,Three-step slow inhalation, deep inhalation, fourth-step fast exhalation, cyclic replacement, increasing the probability of switching between oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, built-in whole body oxygenation, effectively improving lung function.

  ★ The fourth step: Twisting while walking. When the old man walks, there is nothing to twist. Twisting is a benign massage of the internal organs. In the old saying, “shaking his head and twisting his tail”.

Elderly people have poor flexibility in waist and neck joints. Walking and twisting every day is very effective for patients with poor stools.

  ★ Fifth step: Many elderly people who walk with high legs never practice leg lifting.

For the elderly, the strength of the lumbar muscles is very important, and walking with high legs can exercise the strength of the lumbar muscles.

If you insist on raising your legs and walking 100 steps a day, you will find that you are not afraid to take the steps.

  ★ Sixth Step: Seriously Everyone has not gone down The function of the elderly nervous system has been very terrible, I hope everyone will take it seriously

Every step you take, you have to think about your feet and ten toes.

In this way, the brain will control every movement of the toes and repeatedly exercise the nerves, which can improve the breakdown of the nervous system and effectively prevent cerebellar atrophy.

  Seventh step: “Bouncing” walking with both feet forward, ten toes every step, especially the big toes, to bounce people up.

There are several gains in “bouncing” walking. The first is to exercise toenails, the second is to exercise arches, toes, and even inhibit knee eversion.

  ★ The eighth step: walk backwards and backwards with a reference object, pay attention to safety.

The upper body is straight, the legs are naturally inclined, the forefoot touches the ground and then transitions to the full foot, and the arms naturally swing to maintain the overall balance.

Use your toes and paws to the ground carefully, with the center of gravity in front to prevent falling.

Walking like this can strengthen the waist and leg muscles, enhance balance, and consume more oxygen than normal.

  Don’t go into the misunderstanding of fitness walking. Although fitness walking is a sport that is beneficial to the human body, if you don’t pay attention to the methods, it is easy to enter the misunderstanding.

  Misunderstanding 1: Fitness walking in the morning for morning exercise is actually appropriate.

Let’s first look at the external factors: First, the plants inhale oxygen at night and exhale carbon dioxide.
Therefore, where there are many trees, calcium carbonate is collected in the morning.

The second is that the anomalous temperature inversion layer at night causes poor air quality in the early morning.

At night, the wind speed is small, a temperature inversion layer appears in the air several tens of meters near the ground, the atmosphere is stable, and the parasites stay above the ground surface, making it difficult to spread.
In autumn, winter and spring, the near-surface inversion layer is most difficult to spread due to air pollutants at around 6 in the morning.

The third is cold in the early morning, which can induce vascular arteriosclerosis, aggravate complications, and cause vascular embolism or myocardial infarction.

The results look at the internal factors of the human body: because there is no drinking water overnight, the blood is thick in the morning, increasing the risk of vascular intervention; the sympathetic nerve excitement increases after waking up, the heart rate increases, and the heart itself needs more blood;
10 o’clock is also the time of the highest blood pressure in the day, so the morning is a time of stroke and myocardial infarction, medically called “devil time”.

  Therefore, it is not appropriate for us to exercise in the morning.

You can do light exercise in the morning, such as doing radio gymnastics, playing Taijiquan, dancing swords, walking, etc.

  Misunderstanding 2: The problem of not eating before fitness must go from person to person.

It may actually be better to start exercising after eating.

Doing some gentle exercise after a meal can consume more doses.

Therefore, it is medically reasonable to take a walk after a meal.

  Misunderstanding 3: As long as there is a way to go Many citizens like to walk around their homes as a way of fitness.

In fact, if there is a lot of traffic in the environment and the environment is polluted, it would be better to walk in this environment.

It is a harm to the body.

If you want to achieve the effect of fitness, you must choose a car flow, a small amount of traffic and better green places for exercise.

  The four seasons for fitness walking Spring: Avoid the timing of morning and evening temperature decrease.

When walking, don’t take off your clothes immediately after your body is hot and sweaty.

  Summer: Avoid the afternoon and choose the evening.

You should wear sunglasses and a sun hat. You should not eat cold drinks while walking. You should drink a moderate amount of water and carry heatstroke supplies with you.

  Autumn: Be prepared to prevent joint ligament strain and increase or decrease clothing in a timely manner.

Sooner or later the temperature is low, it is not appropriate to wear too little.

Do not wear sweaty clothes to live in the wind after exercise.

  Winter: Warm-up activities should be sufficient. Wipe off sweat and change clothes, shoes and socks, and wear a hat at the same time after exercise to prevent displacement and loss.

Choose to run in a sunny, windy place for fitness, stick to the right amount of exercise, and don’t force yourself when you feel unwell.

4 delicious wild vegetables common in spring

4 delicious wild vegetables common in spring

Spring is the season for digging wild vegetables. Wild vegetables are rich in crude fiber. Here are four kinds of nutritious and delicious wild vegetables in the suburbs of Beijing.

  1. Identification characteristics of amaranth: Brassicaceae, annual or biennial herb.

Stems erect.

Basal leaves clustered, large heads pinnately divided; stem leaves lanceolate.

Flowers white.

Flowers and fruits are from April to June.

Born in flour, roadside and wasteland.

  How to eat: Dig a tree or a young plant in spring, wash it, add a little water to boil it for a while, remove it, chop it with meat fillings, salt, chicken essence and other condiments, and then stir-fry it or make dumplings.

  2. Recognition characteristics of February orchid: Cruciferae, annual or biennial herbaceous plant.

Stems erect.
Basal leaves with large heads and pinnate divisions; cauline leaves with ear-like stems at base.

Racemes terminal, flowers purple, light red.

Flowers and fruits are from April to June.
Born in wasteland, hills, hillsides.

  How to eat: Picked or tender stems and leaves in spring, washed with water, slightly boiled in boiling water until the color becomes dark green, and then rinsed in cold water, you can make cold dishes, stir-fry with fans, makeSoup or stuffing.

  3. Watercress identification characteristics: Brassicaceae, perennial herb.

The leaves are odd-numbered large pinnate compound leaves, and the leaflets are 1?
4 pairs, ovate or broadly ovate.

Racemes terminal.

Flowers small and white.

Long-horned fruit with short beak.

Flowers and fruits are from April to July.

Born near a stream and in a pond.

  How to eat: Pick seedlings or tender stems and leaves in spring and summer.

After washing with water, you can directly stir-fry, make soup, make stuffing, and make hot pot ingredients.

You can also add boiled water for a short while to make a cold salad, which has a clear taste and beautiful flavor.

  4. Identification characteristics of Artemisia annua: Asteraceae, perennial herb.

Inflorescences head, divided into cones at branch ends; bracts globose, bracts 3 to 4 layers, ovate, glabrous; flowers yellow, female outer.

Born in fields, hillsides, and wasteland.

  Method of eating: There is a saying of “February Yin Chen Mayhao” in folk, which means to eat early.

Pick the seedlings from April to May in the spring, wash them, scoop them out in boiling water, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and sesame oil to make cold dishes.

You can also cook porridge, mix it with flour and steam it.

Chopped vegetables boiled in boiled water and fried with rice cakes have a unique flavor.

Eight tricks to teach you to be a good friend of your baby

Eight tricks to teach you to be a good friend of your baby

To be a good friend of your baby, the mentality is the most basic.

When you are with your baby?

It’s important to tell yourself, “I’m also a baby,” and to maintain a childlike mind.

Only in this way can mom and dad look at it from the perspective of the baby, think about it, become a good friend with the baby.

1. Pay close attention to the needs of the baby and pay attention to the needs of the baby.

From the perspective of language, they also need to feel the baby’s inherent needs and potential needs from their daily behavior.

2. Respect the baby’s views In the communication with the baby, parents should remember that the baby is also a subject of discourse.

Therefore, when talking with your baby, don’t just care about expressing your thoughts, but also take seriously the view of respecting your baby and have a positive interaction with your baby.

3, experience the baby’s feelings When the baby is aggrieved outside, separated from good friends or beloved pets, his (her) delicate little heart will be sad for a long time.

But the parents just told him or her “It’s okay, be strong”, “It’s nothing to be sad”, and the baby feels that the parents can’t understand his or her feelings at all.?

If I were to feel this way.

“I believe it will have a completely different effect.

4, understand the baby’s development level If parents say something that the baby can not understand, or put forward some instructions that the baby can not reach, I believe that not only the baby feels hard, stressful, and parent-child dialogue is bound to go online.

5, seriously answer the baby’s question When the baby asks a question, you should first understand its real meaning and answer the baby’s needs.

For example, go shopping with you.

If you know the true purpose of your baby, you can say, “Yeah!

Would you like to go together?

“The baby will be very happy when he hears it.

In addition, parents should also answer the questions carefully, or take the baby to find the answer, so that the baby will ask the parents for any questions in the future.

6. Avoid using the above meanings. You ca n’t use “I order you .”, “I warn you .”, “You better hurry .” “Limit you to five seconds .”, “I countUntil one, two, three . Otherwise . “” You should . “,” You are so stupid “,” You are so bad “,” You are too disappointed “,” No . “, Command, warning, threat, blame, abuse, rejection, etc.

7, often changing fresh topics.

Can arouse your baby’s interest, for example: “Guess what happened to me today?

“Do you know why babies love dinosaurs the most?”

“,” If one day, astronauts really come to Earth . “, I believe it will be better than” How are you today? ”

“,” Happy or unhappy “can even arouse the baby’s conversation interest.

8, enrich the baby’s life experience parent-child conversation alternative.

Often comes from life, so it is important to cultivate a sharp, curious mind.

Parents can take their baby to observe various things around them, such as flowers and plants around them.

The color, shape, brand of the car on the road, the dress and dress of the pedestrians on the street, the content of the talk, the department store window, and everything can be used as personal materials, and the baby’s observation ability will naturally improve.

12 brands of milk powder stunt PK

12 brands of milk powder stunt PK

When you hold up a jar of infant formula, you will see the package is packed with all the nutrients it contains.

  The major milk formulas have introduced parenting concepts that are compatible with their own products: brain development, joint health, bone development, intellectual development, potential tapping, in short, IQ, EQ, and health quotient are all indispensable.

A jar of infant formula contains too much information to reduce the need for postdoctoral and professional elites to scratch their heads.

  Therefore, we invite infant and toddler nutrition experts to help participants’ confused mothers to keep up-to-date with the latest infant formulas; read the secrets in each jar of infant formulas and make clear choices for their own babies.

  Nestle[PK stunt]: Upgrade Opti nutrition formula The combination of active BL probiotics and alternative fibers in “Opti Nutrition Formula” upgrades Nestlé Growing Milk Powder can help children aged 1 to 6 years to establish a healthy environment and promote nutrients in foodDigestion and absorption, so that various nutrients work more effectively!

Maintaining long-term health in the body includes: better food digestion and nutrient absorption, improved immunity and overall physical condition.

A healthy digestive system is a key factor in preventing diarrhea and constipation.

The milk powder contains high-quality DHA and ARA; their active functions are protected by special processing techniques.

And the product provides a healthy initial environment, DHA and ARA will ensure more effective absorption.

In addition, the rich vitamin B group in this earliest milk powder can improve the development of the nervous system and promote the full use of protein and energy.

  Abbott[PK Stunt]Calcium Supplement for Baby Calcium Supplement Abbott’s recently launched “Excellent Calcium” new formula to add infant milk powder to attack the golden pig baby market.

The new formula added infant formula “excellent calcium” refers to a small amount of milk powder supplemented with high content of high oleic sunflower oil, and using the best calcium and phosphorus ratio, closer to breast milk.

It does not form insoluble calcium soap with calcium in babies like palmitic acid in other formulas, and finally excretes it, affecting calcium absorption.

A research team at the University of Iowa in the United States also compared infants who were implanted with calcium-rich milk and regular milk.

It was found that the former absorbed 53% more calcium than shells.

Another Wayne State University in the United States conducted a two-week observation of the bone mineral density of 128 6-month-old infants.

The results showed that the baby’s bone mineral content was significantly higher than that of the above-mentioned babies.

  Wyeth[PK stunt]: What is the typical problem of academic development for Chinese and foreign experts in recruiting new parents?

How to solve the common problems existing in China’s “new parents and new mothers”?

This summer, Wyeth, which has always been adhering to the innovative concept, teamed up with the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association to conduct a theme tour of “Opening the window of academic ability” in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. In particular, American authoritative pediatrician and academic expert MeiEr?

Professor Levin came to China to discuss the new trends in the field of infant and toddler academic development from two aspects of nutrition and training, with leading domestic experts such as Professor Jin Xingming, a well-known child health expert, and Professor Wang Zhixun, a senior expert in maternal and child nutrition.Pointing for amazing new parents and moms.

  Mead Johnson[PK Stunt]: A + Respect Club Mead Johnson launched the A + Respect Club to open up the children’s maximum potential in a scientific way, creating an extraordinary enlightenment activity for babies.

One of the activities is the launch of the “Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise” in cooperation with Cambridge. This activity is a two-pronged approach to interactive education. It provides children’s classes and early education classes for mothers, allowing mothers and babies to participate together, introducing the latest global early education concepts, combining the most popular teaching materialsHelp your baby reach his potential.

  A + Respect will organize a series of activities, such as setting up an online library for mothers to supplement their knowledge; a well-known magazine exhibition area, launching a series of magazines on baby education; online point bidding gifts; an expert advisory area, asking experts to help mothersTroubleshoot.

“Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise Class” to introduce European linguist and child educator Claire?

An early childhood education textbook by Ms. Selby. Ms. Clare is a contracted author of Cambridge University Press.

The course of “Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise Class” uses children’s English teaching materials to develop children’s multiple intelligences. Through different activities and games, children’s body movement, visual space, mathematical logic and other aspects of intelligence are cultivated and developed.

  Dumex[PK stunt]: Avoid babies getting angry and babies who are replaced by breast milk. Usually babies who consume formula milk are more likely to get angry. One of the main manifestations is constipation, which makes both the baby and the mother more distressed.

Especially when the baby is relatively young, it makes young mothers feel at a loss.

In order to make Dumex Jinlingzhi formula-fed infants closer to breast-fed infants, the researchers have added prebiotic polyfructose to the formula based on the nutritional content of breast milk.The effect is similar to the low degeneration in breast milk, helping the baby to establish a healthy internal environment, improve the stool characteristics, not to get angry and not to heat, and reduce the occurrence of constipation.

Medically verified that Dumex Jinlingzhi series formula can effectively reduce the occurrence of constipation in babies.

  Ausnutria[PK Stunt]: a new formula of nutritional immunity with lactoferrin (LF), which is an important immune antibody factor in breast milk. LF can promote the bactericidal effect and phagocytosis of neutrophils or macrophages and is used to regulate the human body.The absorption of iron and inhibition of the growth of bacteria in the body make the baby’s immune function further.

Early immunoglobulin (IgG), which is an important antibody substance that plays an immune role in breast milk, is an antibody molecule itself and plays an important role in anti-infection of newborns.

Glutathione-containing precursor substance cystine, glutathione’s important physiological role is to be able to combine with certain drugs, toxins, etc., participate in biological immune regulation, and convert harmful toxins into harmless substances in the body.Excreted from the body, thereby improving the baby’s immune system.

The five nucleotides contained are important for maintaining normal digestive tract function and immune regulation in infants and young children.

  Morinaga[PK stunt]: Prevention and treatment of milk allergy formula foods Morinaga Milk Industry’s infant formula has a history of nearly 100 years, and is committed to the development of prevention and treatment of milk allergy formula.

For example, the proteins used in Morinaga peptide hypoallergenic infant formula are degraded in advance by enzyme treatment, so that the specific reactivity (degree of allergy) is significantly reduced, and other nutrients are the same as those of ordinary infant formula.

This formula has been on the market for ten years in Japan. It has been clinically proven that the incidence of allergies in newborns fed with hypoallergenic formula is significantly reduced.In Shanghai, Morinaga Co., Ltd. cooperated with a famous hospital after 3 years of clinical trials and proved that the milk powder is also suitable for Chinese children.
  Anman[PK stunt]: “Nutrition + Inspire” concept Recently, the Anman brand has launched the “My Baby Plan” in China.
Anman set up a global mental nutrition development center, which not only provides the highest quality products to consumers, but also brings Chinese mothers with a complete mental development system concept from pregnancy to child growth.The concept of “nutrition + stimulation”, and the “My Baby Plan” launched on this basis, through the Internet, stores, communities and other channels, continuously provide mothers with relevant nutrition and education information and activities during pregnancy and baby growth, and accompany the motherThey started their new parenting journey.
  伊利   【PK绝技】:中国婴幼儿营养专家   伊利设立了育婴营养热线,为消费者提供生养教一体化育婴方案;拥有中国唯一的乳业研究院;建设了目前亚洲生产能力最大、技术最先进的Milk powder base.
In 2006, the “A + B” system of nourishment nutrition was introduced. A is DHA and ARA, which are important components to promote the baby’s brain development. B is an active bifidus probiotic, which can improve the baby’s immunity and digestion.
The milk powder upgrade in 2007, based on the original nourishing nutrients DHA and ARA, added an appropriate amount of choline to help your baby’s brain and vision develop better, improve memory, and bring the A system’s nourishing nutrition combination to a new level; the upgraded BSystem, the first to introduce the perfect combination of probiotics + prebiotics.
The new compound prebiotics can effectively maintain the activity of bifidus probiotics, promote intestinal health, ensure the effective absorption of intellectual nutrition, and add new power to the baby’s intellectual development.
  Shengyuan PK[PK stunt]: Help your baby be smarter The content of DHA & ARA in Shengyuan Gold Ucong Milk Powder is the highest among similar products and meets the WHO recommended ratio.
Youcong series infant formula milk powder is characterized by puzzle formula-it is good for baby’s brain development; it is rich in a variety of puzzle elements represented by algae oil DHA & ARA; it provides sufficient nutritional support during the period of the baby’s brain development surge; alsoRich in choline, linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid, taurine, etc.
  Sanlu[PK stunt]: launch new U + products The name of the “U +” of Sanlu U + series infant formula milk powder means to give extra points to make babies who drink U + milk powder smarter, healthier and better.
In terms of quality, the content of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as brain gold, which has a good effect on infants’ nerve and brain development) and ARA (arachidonic acid, which is beneficial to the development of the retina) in U + new products is currently on the marketConsistent high-end milk powder brands.
In addition, the addition of new prebiotics to the product can effectively enhance the baby’s digestion and benefit the baby’s absorption of nutrients; and the low trans acid vegetable oil added to the product can provide a good nutrition environment for the development of the baby.
  Beinmei[PK stunt]: The theory of reproductive education “Be smart, be healthy, teach science, and have fun”, this is the theory of reproductive education proposed by Beinmei.
Beinmei experts pointed out: The key period of brain development is the infant stage of 0 to 3 years old.
At this stage, the development of the human brain forms the basis for the development of abilities in all aspects such as intelligence, emotions, sports, and social interaction.
At birth, the brain weight of a child is 25% of an adult; 50% of an adult at 1 year old; and the brain weight of 3 years old is equivalent to 80% of an adult.
Before 4 years of age, babies can reach 50% of the intelligence measured at the age of 17, and children with early education have an average IQ of about 17% higher than children without it.
So pay attention to the healthy growth of your baby’s brain from infancy.

Diet zinc, why use medication

Diet zinc, why use medication

During the child’s growth, the daily need of zinc is about 5-10 mg. Zinc deficiency will cause the child’s growth and development retardation, anorexia, anorexia, genital dysplasia, poor intellectual development, and even cause zinc deficiency dwarfism.Extremities dermatitis, recurrent oral ulcers, zinc deficiency venereal diseases and anemia.

  When it comes to zinc supplementation, some parents find it troublesome.

In fact, in daily life, there are many home-style dishes that can achieve the effect of zinc supplementation.

Here are some homemade ingredients for moms to buy, simple to prepare, easy to make, and large in zinc. Home-made diet: Flammulina velutipes ingredients: Flammulina velutipes, gall (canola), ham, ginger, peanut oil, salt, MSG, oyster sauce,Water starch.

  Practice: 1. Wash the Flammulina velutipes roots, wash the gallbladder and remove the old leaves, shred the ham, and ginger to spare.

  2. Add water to the wok. After the water has boiled, add a small amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, and oil, then add the vegetable gall, blanch until just cooked, and remove for use.

  3. Add oil to the hot pot, add ginger, shred the fragrant, then pour in enoki mushroom, shredded ham, add salt, monosodium glutamate, stir-fry oyster sauce, pour in water starch, and finally pour into the gallbladder.

  This dish contains about 12,9 mg of zinc, and combined with essential amino acids for children, can regulate the zinc content in children.

The combination of red, yellow, and green colors can easily motivate the child’s appetite.

  Cabbage fried pork raw materials: cabbage, lean meat, red pepper, garlic, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, water starch.

  Practice: 1. Wash and shred cabbage, red pepper, shred lean meat, and cut garlic into pieces.

  2. Add a little salt to the shredded pork, MSG, and water starch.

  3. Add oil to the wok and fry the pork until it is tender and pour it out for use.

  4. Add oil to the hot pan, add the garlic grains to scramble, pour the cabbage, stir-fry the red pepper until it is broken, add the shredded pork, add salt, stir-fry the monosodium glutamate, and stir in a small amount of water starch.
  This dish contains about 14,88 mg of zinc.

Cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and ascorbic acid, which has the effect of moistening dryness and nourishing deficiency, and has special effects on children’s indigestion and thirst caused by zinc deficiency.

  Oil splash lettuce ingredients: young lettuce, spring onion, olive oil (or peanut oil), salt, monosodium glutamate, peppercorn.

  Method: 1. Peel and wash the lettuce and cut into 6 cm strips.

  2. Add water to the boiling pot. After the water is boiling, add lettuce.

Then add it to a container with cold water, remove it from the water, place it in a dish, sprinkle salt, monosodium glutamate, marinate in water, and place the shallots on standby.

  3, add oil to a hot pot to about 80 degrees, add an appropriate amount of peppercorns, simmer until the peppercorns turn black and turn off the heat, remove the peppercorns, and pour the oil onto the good bamboo shoots.

  This dish is light and refreshing and contains about 7,86 mg of zinc.

Lettuce contains 5 times more minerals than other vegetables, and has a good effect on children with zinc deficiency and indigestion caused by zinc deficiency.

  Ingredients of radish and tomato soup: carrots, tomatoes, eggs, shredded ginger, shallots, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar.

  Practice: 1. Peel and slice carrots and tomatoes.

  2. Add oil to the hot pot, pour the ginger and stir-fry a few times, add the carrots and stir fry a few times, pour the clear soup, and boil over medium heat. When the carrots are cooked, add tomatoes, salt, MSG, and sugar, beat the eggsPour in and sprinkle with green onions.

  This soup contains about 35 mg of zinc.

Tomatoes have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and the carotene and minerals contained in it are the best products of zinc deficiency and supplementation. They have certain effects on children’s accumulation and zinc deficiency dwarf detoxification.

  There are also many slices that we can usually make, such as carrot fried pork with zinc content of 12 mg, potato stuffed burdock with zinc content of 16 mg, spinach cooked fish fillet with zinc as high as 47 mg, etc. Some more complex soft-shelled turtles, yellow mealIt is the best product with higher zinc content.

Improper office siesta accelerates skin aging_1

Improper office siesta accelerates skin aging

You have good eating habits, less oil, less salt, less meat, more fruits and vegetables; you supplement vitamins every day, exercise regularly, go to bed early and get up late without staying up late.

Throughout the day, most of the time I feel good.

But between lunch and dinner, you will feel dizzy, slow thinking, and seem to be less focused.

At this point you may start looking for coffee or tea, or you may have eaten it wrong at the penitent lunch.

Taking a nap may be something you can consider.

In just over ten minutes, you can make your face look brighter in the afternoon and no longer worry about the distressed spirit.

However, there are many techniques for taking a nap. Resting must not only fail to achieve the desired results, but also make the spirit and skin more tired.

Take a small tip for sleeping in the afternoon and be sure to keep it in mind.


hzh {display: none; }  办公室五条午睡要点  1、睡前不吃油腻食物,不吃得太饱  睡前不吃油腻食物,不吃得太饱。Greasy food will increase blood viscosity, increase coronary artery disease, and increase gastric digestive burden.

Oily conditions will eventually manifest on the skin.

  2. It is not advisable to lie down and sleep in the afternoon immediately after lunch.

After lunch, a large amount of blood flows to the stomach, blood pressure drops, and oxygen and nutrition in the brain decreases significantly, which can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Usually take a rest for about ten minutes before taking a nap.

  3. Seated and sleeping at the desk will produce symptoms of hypoxia in the brain. It should be noted that sitting and sleeping at the desk will reduce the blood supply to the head and cause a series of symptoms of local hypoxia such as dizziness, dizziness, and fatigue after waking.

Some people use their hands as pillows and rest at the table in the morning, so that the eyeballs of the complications are compressed, which may cause eye diseases over time.

In addition, the lying table will compress the tibia, affect breathing, and affect blood circulation and nerve metabolism, making the hands and hands numb and tingling.

  4. Avoid collateral external stimuli during siesta during siesta.

After falling asleep, muscles relax, capillaries dilate, sweat holes expand, and they are susceptible to colds or other diseases. Pay attention to wind and cold.

  5. Do not perform complicated and dangerous work immediately after waking up. Mild activities after waking up.

After taking a nap, stand up slowly and drink a glass of water to replenish blood volume and replace blood viscosity.

Don’t engage in complicated and dangerous work right away, because it often makes people feel awkward when they first wake up.

  According to the actual condition of your own body, the research on the choice of siesta also shows that there is an individual difference in the need to take a nap, and not everyone has a strong possibility of siesta.

If your physiological response is high for a short break, then let yourself take a break, rather than suppressing your sleepiness for a few hours in the afternoon.

  So, how to take a nap, when and how long is the best time to sleep?

  Try not to take more than 30 minutes of healthy siesta to 15?
30 minutes is most suitable. If it is longer than 30 minutes, the body will enter a deep sleep period, which is not easy to wake up, might as well extend to 1?

5 hours to complete a complete sleep cycle.

Taking a nap too long, I will have a slight headache and weak body for the first half hour, which is caused by “sleep inertia”.

Don’t expect to be awake at this time, and you can return to normal after an hour of buffering.

However, siesta in this case is only suitable for supplementing the lack of sleep the night before, and a truly healthy siesta should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise it will easily disrupt the physiological clock and affect normal night sleep.

  Don’t treat coffee as a refreshing soup. Sleep when you should.

hzh {display: none; }  如果要午睡,要养成每天定时定量的习惯。The best time to take a nap is 8 hours after waking up in the morning and 8 hours before going to bed at night, which is the middle of the day’s activity time.

Even if you don’t feel sleepy at that time, you can take a break instead of drinking coffee as a refreshing soup.

  Caffeine may provide a short-lived refreshing effect, which can then lead to a dull feeling and reduce the number of sleep cycles at night.
Do not use artificial stimulants to coax the body, but take a nap to solve the problem.

  The habit of siesta should be persistent. Do not disturb the habit of circling the biological clock. The irregular siesta will also disturb the physiological clock and affect the laws of late sleep.
For example, delaying to sleep in the evening not only does not help the health, but also delays falling asleep at night.

  People with insomnia should avoid siesta during the day.

  People with insomnia should avoid siesta during the day.
Newborn parents should take a nap together during their nap rather than work all the time and ignore sleep.

  If there is an important dinner or event in the evening, you can store your sleep in the afternoon. If there is an important dinner or event in the evening, you may delay the late bedtime. You can store your sleep in the afternoon.

This preventative sleep can last up to two or three hours and is really helpful.

“Resting is to go further,” which best illustrates the magical power of a short nap.

  First, avoid siesta as long as possible. It is advisable to take siesta for half an hour to one hour. If you sleep more, you will feel uncomfortable after waking up.

  Second, do not take a nap in the air vent or grass. Siesta can not be casually under the corridor, in the shade of the tree, on the grass, lying on the concrete floor to sleep on the ground, and do not take a nap in the wind or air vent.

Because the person’s body temperature regulation central function declines during sleep, the severe case suffers cold and cold, the mild person wakes up and feels unwell.

  Third, avoid sitting or lying on the snoring too many people due to conditions, sitting or lying on the edge of the table to take a nap, a long-term sitting or lying lunch break habit, which is extremely detrimental to physical health.

  Fourth, avoid siesta, not everyone needs siesta, not everyone needs, as long as you are healthy and have enough sleep at night, not taking a nap generally does not affect your health.

However, for mental workers, middle and primary school students, frail and elderly people, the nap is necessary.

Cough Food Therapy

Cough Food Therapy

Therapeutic formula for treating cough 1) Water-proof steamed eggs Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 spoon of sugar and 1 vegetable oil each.

  Method: Put eggs (shelled) in a bowl (do not stir), add sugar and oil, and steam over water.

Finished before going to bed.

Cough is usually good for two times for cough, and three or four times for severe cough has obvious effect.

  2) Ingredients for scallion and white porridge: 1 sticky rice, 5 slices of ginger, 5 scallions, 3 vinegar.

  Practice: glutinous rice is cooked in the usual way, add ginger, spring onion, vinegar and mix well when you are ready to eat.

This porridge treats cough caused by wind cold and closed lung.

  3) Composition of rock sugar and Huang Jing Tang: 30 grams of Huang Jing and 50 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the Huang Jing, soak it in cold water for 3-4 hours, then pick up the Huang Jing and put it in the pot, and then put the rock sugar and the right amount of water. After the Wuhuo is boiled, switch to gentle heat and simmer until the Huang Jing is cooked.Rotten Serve.

  Indications: Tonic and cough, nourish lungs and asthma.

It is suitable for the symptoms of cough and sputum caused by deficiency of lung and spleen yin, or dry cough without sputum, hemoptysis, and food deficiency.

  Usage: Take 2 times daily, take Huang Jing and drink soup.

  4) Bird’s nest soup composition: 3g bird’s nest, 30g rock sugar.

  Method: Put the bird’s nest in a bowl, soak it with warm water to remove the feathers when it is soft, and wash it with water, drain the water, tear it into strips, put it in a clean bowl for use; take an oil-free clean pot, add 250 g of waterAnd rock sugar, simmer in boiling water until the rock sugar melts, skim off the froth, filter the sugar solution with gauze; put bird’s nest and rock sugar solution in the clean pot, boil with the flame to serve.

  Indications: nourishing yin, moistening, tonifying qi.

Applicable to deficient labor diseases, cough, breathing, asthma, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, chronic stasis, dysentery, and fetal fever in children.

  Usage: Take it casually.

  5) Yuzhu pig lean broth composition: Yuzhu 30 grams, lean pork 150 grams, refined salt, MSG amount.

  Method: Wash and slice the Yuzhu, wrap it with gauze, wash and cut the lean pork, then add it to the casserole, add the appropriate amount of water to cook, add the salt and MSG to taste when cooked.

  Indications: nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough.

It is suitable for complications such as dry throat and cough due to fever and yin, upset and thirsty, dry and cough due to pulmonary dryness in autumn and winter, dry cough due to tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, mild heart insufficiency, Yin deficiency and night sweats.

  Usage: eat meat and soup.

  6) Composition of pig lung convergence lung soup: 250-300 grams of pig lungs, 10-15 grams of P. amurense, 10 grams of Schisandra, 6-9 grams of gardenia.

  Method: First cut the pig’s lungs into pieces, squeeze out the blood stains, rinse them, put them into the pot together with the North American Ginseng, Schisandra chinensis, and Zongzi.

  Indications: Tonifying the lungs and converging the lungs.

For chronic cough caused by deficiency of lung qi and yin, phlegm deficiency, shortness of breath, etc.

  Usage: Serve with a meal.

  7) Composition of Radix Ginseng Heart-Lung Decoction: Radix Ginseng, Yuzhu, 15g each, Pig Heart, Pig Lung each, 25g spring onion, 3g salt.

  Method: First, clean the ginseng and jade bamboo, rinse it with water, and put them in gauze bags; rinse the pig’s heart and pig’s lungs to squeeze out the blood stains; then ginseng, jade bamboo, pig’s heart, pig’s lungs,Put the shallots and water into the pot together. After the huo-huo is boiled, switch to simmer for about 1 hour until the pig’s heart and pork lungs are fully cooked. Add salt to serve.

  Indications: Runfei cough, nourish the stomach and rejuvenate, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

It is suitable for elderly patients with cough due to lung deficiency, dry cough due to dryness in the autumn, or bloodshot sputum, thirst from wounds, hot stomach, upset at night, insomnia, dreams, and dry stool.

  Usage: Serve with a meal.
  8) Honey egg soup composition: 35 grams of honey and 1 egg.

  Method: Boil 300 grams of honey and boil, add eggs, and cook until slightly boiled.

  Indications: Runfei cough.

Suitable for dry cough and dry cough.

  Usage: Take it daily, take it on an empty stomach sooner or later.

  9) Carrot and red date soup composition: 120 grams of carrots and 40 grams of red dates.   Method: Wash the red dates, soak them for 2 hours, and then wash the carrots. Add them to the casserole with red dates, add water, and cook for about 1 hour.

  Indications: nourishing yin and nourishing qi, relieving qi and cough.

It is suitable for coughing caused by deficiency of qi and yin, lung Qi upside, dry mouth and spontaneous sweating, mental fatigue and other symptoms.

  Usage: Take 1 dose daily, taking 2 times in the morning and evening.

  10) Lily egg soup composition: 60 grams of lily, 2 eggs.

  Method: Wash the lily first, then put it into the pot with the washed eggs, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the eggs are cooked, and remove the egg shell.

  Indications: For lung deficiency and long cough.

  Usage: Take 1 dose daily, drink soup, eat eggs and lily.

  11) Composition of Radix Ginseng and Lily Duck Soup: Northern Ginseng, 30g each of lily, 150g fat duck meat.

  Method: Wash the North American Ginseng, lily, and duck meat separately, add them to the pot together, add the right amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then simmer until the duck is cooked.

  Indications: nourishing yin and lungs, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

Suitable for cough, expectoration, dry mouth and dry throat, tuberculosis cough caused by lung heat and yin deficiency.

  Usage: Drink soup to eat duck meat.

  12) Composition of beef radish soup: 500 grams of beef louver, 1000 grams of dill L, 5 grams of tangerine peel, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Method: Soak the beef louver in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove and scrape off the black clothes, wash and shred, then wash the radish and cut into pieces, dip the white rind in water, add it to the casserole with the beef louver, add an appropriate amount of water, Boil with Wuhuo, then switch to Wenhuo for 2 hours, add refined salt and season.

  Indications: Nourishing the lungs and reducing phlegm, reducing qi and relieving cough.

It is suitable for cough due to dryness of the lungs, difficulty in expectoration, difficulty in eating less, dry throat and cough.

  Usage: Serve with a meal.
  13) Composition of almond pig lung porridge: 90 grams of pork lungs, 10 grams of northern almonds, and 60 grams of rice: (1) Peel the northern almonds and wash them; wash the pork lungs, cut into pieces, and put them in a potAfter the water comes out, rinse with clean water (2) Wash the previous rice, put it into the pot together with almonds, pig lungs, add an appropriate amount of water, cook the porridge with gentle heat and season.

  Indications: Chronic bronchitis is a phlegm-rich person.

Symptoms include cough, sputum, irregular breathing, asthma, full chest, and pulse.

  Usage: Consumption with quantity 14) Composition of dried pork lung soup: 120 grams of pork lung, 90 grams of dried cabbage, candied dates 5 methods: (1) Soak dried cabbage with water, cut off, soak in boiling water slightly, remove astringentTaste; candied and pitted, washed; pigs spend fresh water repeatedly, cut into pieces, squeeze the water, then add water to the pot to blast dry, take it out and rinse it in water.

(2) Put all the ingredients together in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. After the Wuhuo is boiled, simmer for two hours and season.

  Indications: Chronic bronchitis is a hot cough.

Symptoms include cough, asthma, little and sticky sputum, slightly hot mouth, dry throat, red tongue, and pulse count.

  Usage: Intake with the amount of 15) Ginkgo Ephedra Decoction Composition: 6 ginkgo (煨), 10 grams of ephedra, 3 grams of licorice. Preparation method: decoction. Indications: chronic bronchitis, bronchial disease belongs to the lung cold.

Symptoms include cough, asthma, thin phlegm, tightness in the chest, white tongue, and tight pulse strings.

  16) Qiuzao Cough Diet is prone to cough in autumn.

This dry cough has no sputum, and chest tightness and tightness can not be cured for a long time. It can be replaced by the following dietary treatment according to the physique and condition.

  17) Egg Tremella: Take 50 grams of dried Tremella, immerse in warm water for 20 minutes, remove the impurities and pedicles from the mud, and boil until it is ripe; take one egg, distribute it, and pour it into the Tremella soup.

This prescription has a preventive and therapeutic effect on the elderly who are frail and have a history of dry cough without sputum.

  18) Fritillaria porridge: Take 200 grams of rice (preferably black rice), add 10 grams of ginger, chopped, boil for a total of porridge, then add 10 grams of sieve powder from Fritillaria chuanxiensis, stir well and divide into two servings.

This recipe has the effects of sputum Chuanbei phlegm and ginger Xuanfei, so it is particularly suitable for cough and asthma due to chronic bronchitis in the elderly.

  19) Perilla porridge: Take 200 grams of rice to make porridge, put 20 grams of fresh perilla leaves (dried product) wrapped in gauze and cook for 2 minutes before boiling.

This recipe is effective for cold cough.

  20) Ertong sugar: Take 500g each of Asparagus and Ophiopogon, boil until the medicine is lumpy, remove the residue and leave the juice, and concentrate; add white sugar or rock sugar to boil until it can be pulled, and pour it on a clean marble or stainless steel plate, After cooling, cut into pieces, always with service.

This prescription can prevent and treat dry cough caused by common dry air and lung injury.

  Sore throat, cough, headache, and poor appetite are the main symptoms of a cold. In addition to asking your doctor for treatment, you can also try these food therapies during a cold so that you can physically combat the disease.

  Fat sea sugar water: Fight against the husky voice and go to a Chinese pharmacy to buy fat sea water. After boiled with rock sugar, drink as a drink.

  Almond flour: Fight against phlegm and cough. You can buy almond flour in the supermarket. Come with a spoonful at any time, or soak into almond paste.It can make sputum easier to spit up, and it won’t be painful to cough.

  You can also refer to the following prescription 1, the common cough diet recipe (1) steamed egg ingredients: 1 egg, 1 sugar, 1 spoon of vegetarian oil.

  Method: Put eggs (shelled) in a bowl (do not stir), add sugar and oil, and steam over water.

Finished before going to bed.
Cough is usually good for two times for cough, and three or four times for severe cough has obvious effect.

  (2) Ingredients for onion and white porridge: 1 sticky rice, 5 slices of ginger, 5 roots of shallot, and 3 yuan of vinegar.

  Practice: glutinous rice is cooked in the usual way, add ginger, spring onion, vinegar and mix well when you are ready to eat.

This porridge treats cough caused by wind cold and closed lung.
  (3)蜂蜜鸡蛋汤   [组成]蜂蜜35克,鸡蛋1个。   [Preparation method]Boil 300 grams of honey with water, beat in eggs, and cook until slightly boiled.

  [Indications]Runfei cough.

Suitable for dry cough and dry cough.

  [Usage]Dayton, morning and evening on an empty stomach.

  (4)百合鸡蛋汤   [组成]百合60克,鸡蛋2个。   [Method]Wash the lily first, then add it to the pot with the washed eggs, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the eggs are cooked, and remove the eggshell.

  [Indications]For lung deficiency and long cough.

  [Usage]Take 1 dose daily, drink soup, eat eggs and lily.

  (5)牛百叶萝卜汤   [组成]牛百叶500克,白萝卜1000克,陈皮5克,精盐适量。   [Manufacturing method]first soak the beef louver in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove and scrape off the black clothes, wash and chop, then wash the radish and cut into pieces, dip the white water into the casserole with the beef louver and add waterModerate, boil with Wuhuo, then switch to wenhuo for 2 hours, season with salt and season.

  [Indications]Nourishing the lungs and reducing phlegm, reducing qi and cough.

It is suitable for cough due to dryness of the lungs, difficulty in expectoration, difficulty in eating less, dry throat and cough.

  [Usage]Serve with meals.

  (6) Perilla porridge: Take 200 grams of rice porridge, add 20 grams of fresh perilla leaves (dried product) wrapped in gauze, and cook for 2 minutes before removing the leaves.

This recipe is effective for cold cough.
  2, cold cough, wind cold cough diet (1) radish onion white soup: 1 radish, 6 onion white, 15 grams of ginger.

Cook the radishes with three bowls of water first, then put the onion, ginger, and cook a bowl of soup.

Even slag served once.

Xuanfei Jie Table ‘resolving phlegm and cough; treating wind and cold cough, frothy phlegm, chills, body fatigue and soreness.

  (2) Brown sugar, ginger and jujube soup for cough: 30 grams of brown sugar, 15 grams of fresh ginger, 30 grams of red dates.

Use three bowls of water to fry over half, and then take it, and it will heal after a little sweat.

Dispels wind and cold; cures cold and cough.

  (3) Coriander soup: 30 grams of coriander (cilantro), 30 grams of coriander sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the rice first, add water to boil the soup, take three tablespoons of rice soup, turnip, stir the sugar for 10 minutes, take it once while hot, pay attention to avoid the cold; sweat through the table, cure the cough caused by colds.

  (4) White radish honey: 1 large white radish, 30 grams of honey, 5 white peppers, and 2 grams of ephedra.

Wash the radish and slice it, put it in a bowl, and pour in honey and white pepper, ephedra and other steamed for half an hour. While in the heat, take a meal and see the sweat in bed;

  (5) Fresh pear Fritillaria: 500 grams of fresh pear, 6 grams of powdered Fritillaria, 30 grams of sugar.

Peel and peel the pears, pit them, fill in the powdered fritillary and sugar, put them together and steam them in a bowl.

Divide food in the morning and evening, clear the heat and reduce phlegm, dissolve the solution, and treat cough or diarrhea.

  (6) radish, pepper, cough and expectorant saliva: 1 radish, 5 white peppers, 3 gingers, 1 peel.

Add water for 30 minutes, drink soup 2 times a day; relieve phlegm and relieve cough and sputum.   (7) Soy milk drink: soy beans, rock sugar.

Soy beans soaked in grated juice, boiled with sugar solution, drink 1 bowl every morning on an empty stomach; spleen wide, moisturize and droop water, clear lungs and cough, and reduce phlegm;

  (8) Tofu sugar: 500 grams of tofu, 100 grams each of brown sugar and white sugar.

Dig out a nest of tofu, separate the red and white sugar, and boil for 30 minutes in a bowl; eat once, and serve 4 times; clear heat, refresh, dryness, cure cough, breathing, asthma.

  (9) Corn peel orange peel: corn whisker, orange peel each amount.

Add decoction, take 2 times daily; cough and reduce phlegm, cure cold and cough, and have more phlegm.

  (10) Radish pig lung cough soup: one radish, one pork lung, and 15 grams of almonds.

Add water and cook for 1 hour, eat meat and soup; clear heat and reduce phlegm, relieve cough and relieve asthma, cure long cough, and have shortness of breath.

  (11) Tangshui washed eggs tonic and cough: 50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger.

First beat the eggs into a bowl, stir well, add half a bowl of white sugar and boil, stir the eggs while hot, stir, then pour the ginger juice that has been wrung, and mix well, taking once a day, morning and evening;Do not heal.

  (12) Sesame crystal sugar water for night cough: 15 grams of raw sesame seeds and 10 grams of rock sugar.

Put sesame and rock sugar in a bowl, and drink water; moisturize the lungs, get rid of body fluids, treat the night cough, and cough without phlegm.

  3, children with asthma 1.
Qiu Li Bai Zhi (folk party) Indications: 藕 cough in children.

  Recipe: Moderate amount of autumn pear.

White pheasant in moderation.

  Usage: Wash and peel the skin and heart, wash the white lotus roots, chop, smash, and replace the tea with clean gauze juice.

Effective on the second day.

  Note: One side has big pears and honey, and the other side uses raw pears to increase porridge.

  2.Green fruit water sugar tea (folk recipe) Indications: cough with children.

  Recipe: 4 green fruits, 15 grams of rock sugar.

  Usage: Wash, split, add rock sugar, add the right amount of water, cook until taste, put into a bottle, can be taken once or multiple times, usually effective on a day.

  3.Rice soup with rock sugar and sweet mushroom paste (folk side) Indications: cough in children.

  Recipe: Four fresh mushrooms.

  Usage: Peel and mash, add half a bowl of rice soup, moderate amount of rock sugar, steam over water to make a paste.

  4.Carrot and red date soup (folk recipe) Indications: cough in children.

  Recipe: 200 grams of carrots.

  Usage: Wash and slice, 8 red dates, add soup with water, season with rock sugar.

  Note: One side of radish has never been cut red and white.

One side is ginger and red dates.

  5.Rock sugar almond powder (Chinese medicine prescription) Indications: children with hot cough.

  Recipe: Sweet Almond 4.

5 grams, 6 grams of rock sugar.

  Usage: ground almonds and use sugar to brew.

  6.Rock sugar stewed sparrow (folk side) Indications: Children will not heal for a long time.

  Recipe: 2 sparrows, 20 grams of rock sugar.

  Usage: Sparrow hair removal, add rock sugar, add water, add stew.

  7.Luo Han Guo pot of pig lung (folk recipe) Indications: children with a long cough.

  Formula: 1/3 of Luo Han Guo, 200 grams of pig lung.

  Usage: Wash and slice pork lungs, add water to soup with Luo Han Guo, season with salt.
  Note: One side uses Luo Han Guo, persimmon.
  8.Cao Cao Dan “A Collection of Folk Custom Recipes” Indications: Pediatric disorders.

  Recipe: 15 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 1 egg.

  Usage: first fry Houttuynia cordata to remove residue, add eggs (shelled) and boil over low heat, serving once.

  9.Stewed paparazzi soup (folk recipe) Indications: Pediatric illness.

  Recipe: Newborn puppy.

  Usage: Immediately wrap the puppies that have just been born (without eyes open) and cover them with gauze.

Generally, it can be cut once after eating once, and it is best to eat it in winter.

  Note: Drying ground powder with cat’s placenta can also have a curative effect if swallowed.

  10.Baiguoren eggs “food therapy 100 diseases” Indications: infant cough, diarrhea.

  Recipe: 2 dried white nuts, 1 egg.

  Usage: Grind the dried white nuts into a fine powder. Pick the small head of the egg and gently poke a small hole. Put the white nut powder into the egg, and then place the egg on the grill.

Eggs shelled and packed.

  11.Xing Ma Jiang Fang “A Collection of Folk Custom Recipes” Indications: Pediatric cough.

  Recipe: 1 spoon of sesame, 6 grams of almond, and 1 slice of ginger.

  Usage: Stir-fry the sesame seeds, add almonds, ginger, and fry them together. Drink honey when serving.

  Note: One side uses almonds and rock sugar.

  12.Radish orange peel soup “medicated diet cures all diseases” Indications: children with bronchitis.

  Recipe: 1 turnip, 5 white peppers, 10 g ginger, 3 g orange peel, 30 g rock sugar.

Usage: Wash and slice the radish, add pepper, ginger, orange peel to cook the soup together, then add rock sugar, eat radish and drink soup.

Once a day, 3 servings?

  13.Shuangren Honey Ginger Drink “Medicated Diet for 100 Diseases” Indications: Pediatric bronchitis.

  Recipe: 12 grams each of sweet almonds, walnut kernels, 30 grams of honey, and 10 grams of ginger.

  Usage: Served in a medicinal bowl, stewed or steamed after eating.

Once daily, 4 servings?

  14.Garlic unilaterally “A Collection of Folk Custom Recipes” Indications: Pediatric tracheitis and severe cough.

  Recipe: Several pieces of garlic.

  Usage: Garlic peeling film, cut into thin pieces of about 10 grams (children reduce), 1 cup of boiling water, soak for 2 hours, remove residue, several times a day, frequently drink and serve.

  Note: You can also add rock sugar or white sugar or onion and garlic in combination, the function of expectorant and cough is more obvious.