Analysis: Triple Beauty Effects of Propolis

Analysis: Triple Beauty Effects of Propolis

Introduction: Propolis contains 50 kinds of flavonoids, which can promote blood circulation in subcutaneous tissues, decompose stains, inhibit the formation of age spots, and have anti-aging effects.

Rutin in propolis has the reputation of “skin vitamin”, and the content can be as high as 10%, which can improve the skin quality, bring delicate gloss, and elasticity.

  First, the beauty mysterious propolis of propolis, is a mixture of various compounds formed by bees, plant buds, branch viscose and beeswax, pollen, etc.

After analysis and identification, propolis is an advanced cosmetic drug with extremely complex composition after being picked by bees.

The resin and balm contained in propolis account for 55%, beeswax for 30%, essential oil for 10%, and pollen for 5%.

It is confirmed that there are as many as 30 kinds of nutrient components of life activities recognized by biologists today. There are as many as 30 kinds of propolis, which can inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria, molds and some protozoa.

  Second, the beauty value of propolis The types of beeswax, pollen, resin, essential oils, and balms contained in propolis species have different cosmetic effects on the metabolism of the skin.

  Beeswax: The main components of beeswax are esters synthesized from higher fatty acids and higher monovalent alcohols (C15H31COOC30H61), as well as a small amount of pigments and fragrances.

Consumption of beeswax can reduce the adhesion of dead keratinocytes in the outermost layer of the skin, improve the removal of keratinocytes, condition the skin, smooth out fine wrinkles, improve the roughness and dryness of the skin, eliminate wounds, and lighten pigmentation spots.
  Pollen: Pollen is rich in protein, amino acids and aromas.

Protein is an important raw material for the formation and repair of skin tissues. Lack of it can cause rough skin, reduce the aunt’s skin, make the skin inelastic, make the wound difficult to heal, and dry the hair.

Consuming pollen can prevent these phenomena and make the skin elastic.

  Resin: His main ingredients are collagen and elastin, which are the main raw materials that make up fibrous proteins in skin, blood vessels, tendons, bones, and teeth. It accounts for about 1/3 of the total protein in the human body. It is related to maintaining the body.The support function and the formation of intercellular space and cell matrix are closely related to cell growth.

Edible resin can supply all the water needed by the skin, can promote the synthesis of collagen inside the skin, activate the skin tissue, and make the skin full of elasticity.

Balm: Its main components are protease and trace elements. Edible balm can remove the aged cuticle, and can eliminate the excess of sebaceous gland exit, making the skin smooth.

  Propolis is sweet and flat, with functions of detoxification, analgesics, dispelling wind, and itching, especially for skin diseases, corns, pruritus, rhinitis, prostatitis and various ulcer diseases.

For example: athlete’s foot disease: take 250 grams of propolis, 750 grams of rice wine, 250 grams of rock sugar, 500 grams of red dates, 150 grams of longan meat, 150 grams of black sesame (fried), 150 grams of walnut meat.

The last four flavors are chopped and ground.

Soak the propolis in the rice wine for about 10 days, put the rice wine together in a ceramic or enamel container for heat insulation and steaming, until the propolis is completely dissolved, stir the longan meat, etc., and steam until the rock sugar dissolves.

The steamed propolis will be frozen after cooling, two spoons every morning, and boiled for consumption.

  Initial formaldehyde: Take 50 grams of propolis, 15 grams each of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, and chalk skin, 10 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, 10 grams of raw coix seed, 10 grams of Liuyisan, decoction, and even take 15 doses until the precipitation disappears, and use propolisWhite staff, Squiggly grass, and 30 grams of fragrant incense are washed with water for external washing.

Remember not to eat spicy food, quit beer for two months, and reduce the number of baths appropriately.

  Corns: 50 grams of propolis, 20 grams of loofah, 15 grams of white wine, 15 grams of ginseng, decoction. At the same time, apply propolis to the affected area and fix it with adhesive tape. 6?
Change the dressing once every 7 days.

  However, you must pay special attention to other aspects of skin health: first, ensure adequate sleep and sleep for 8 hours.

Because human epidermal cells are made from 11pm to 2am, if you do not fall asleep during this period, it will affect the metabolism of epidermal cells, prone to dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc. So sleep is very important for beauty.

  Second, a reasonable diet.

Eat more foods containing vitamins, such as almonds, milk, fresh vegetables, fruits, propolis, etc. These substances can make the skin tender, fair, and less wrinkled; drink plenty of water and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily to help soothe the positiveWrinkles; Quit smoking, because smoking is an important factor causing dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles.

  Third, avoid direct sunlight in the hot summer.

Because UV rays can aggravate melasma and freckles, you can apply sunscreen before going out.

  Acne: Use 1 tablespoon of malt oil and an equal amount of petroleum jelly, add some propolis and stir well to form a paste. Apply to the affected area and massage gently.

One morning and one evening, one course is one week.

  Hair loss: Take 1 tablespoon of propolis daily on an empty stomach for one month.

It is especially effective in spring and autumn.

  Frostbite: Mix a few drops of malt oil, 3 spoons of petroleum jelly and 1 spoon of propolis into a paste, apply to the affected area, massage gently, wipe with disinfectant gauze, once in the morning and evening.

  Swelling: Take one tablespoon of propolis in the morning and evening for a week.

After one month, if you still have swelling, continue to take it, and try to squeeze it every time you take propolis.

  Mosquito bites: Mix honey and propolis in the lavender in a ratio of 2: 3 and 1: 3 respectively. Apply to the insect bites and wrap them with gauze. Change the medicine after 3-4 hours until the swelling disappears.
  Wrinkles: Apply a layer of wet honey to a gauze.
Apply on wrinkles. After 15 minutes, wipe off with a ball of wet disinfected cotton ball once a week.

Eight questions about the cabbage bird_1

Eight questions about the cabbage bird

On the side of the prism, Qianying is misty, and faintly sees Xuemei muscle shining.
Whether you want to admit it or not, if your skin is not fair enough, you will hardly be a recognized beauty candidate.
Even if you want to compare the traditional idea of white as the beauty, and use fashionable black as a comparison, in the eyes of most people, fair complexion is the complexion that beauty should really have.
As a whitening bird, you should first clear up the whitening doubts in your cognition.
  美白面膜:片状VS冲洗式   【片状面膜】  优点:方便使用也不占空间、不需清洗、能让肌肤与外界空气隔离,呈现封闭状态使皮肤表面温度升高,精华液的吸收力也会提高  缺点:无法满足对于清洁类面膜的功能需求、使用时间一旦过长,很容易闷热或产生搔痒  STEP1:先用化妆水整肌,再使用面膜,效果更UP!  STEP2: Make the mask completely adhere to the face, and the edges must be close to the face.
  [Flushing Mask]Advantages: You can adjust the dosage according to your needs, it is also convenient for district care, and the price is usually low.
  Disadvantages: When you open and close the cover constantly, you will be exposed to air and your fingers will easily become a bacteria culture dish, so using a clean pick stick will be much healthier than your fingers!
  The rinsing mask should be applied from the part where the skin temperature is low, and then applied to the part where the temperature is high. The reason is that the high temperature absorbs quickly, and the effect will be uniform from the low temperature part.
So the order is cheeks → chin → nose → forehead.
  Q1 How long does it take for whitening products to turn white?
  At least 28 days.
The skin metabolism cycle is a 28-day cycle, so it takes at least one month for the whitening product to feel the effect. Whitening must be carried out patiently and continuously.
If it has not turned white for half a year or one year, you may want to consider changing products or checking for whitening procedures for loopholes!
  Q2 Can sensitive skin be rubbed with whitening products every day?
  Choose mild whitening ingredients is ok.
Choose “non-irritating” mild whitening products, it is less likely to cause allergies!
But because everyone’s allergens are not the same, it is best to try it before buying!
  TIPS: It is more accurate to choose the face in the trial part, but you can pick the less obvious ones, such as the ear, it is not recommended to use the body for testing, the load on the face and body skin is still different!
  Q3 To what extent can a person with natural black meat bottom turn white?
  The color of the skin on the inner thigh is the limit you can get white.
Whether it is born with dark skin or yellowish skin, the whitening limit that can be achieved by rubbing whitening products is the color of the inner thigh!
But as long as the basic sun protection is strengthened, it is guaranteed to keep you from going dark!
  Q4 There are many spots on my face. How can I get rid of Huahualian and become fair?
  There are different solutions for different spots.
The spots can be roughly divided into freckles, sunburns, and zygomatic mother spots. Some can be lightened with whitening and lightening products, but some can only be eliminated by medical cosmetic laser!
  Freckles (small brown spots on cheekbones and bridge of nose): Mainly because of heredity, it can be significantly improved by using light spots.
  Sunburn (dark brown, lumps of different sizes): skin may be produced when exposed to the sun, and it can also be improved with light spots!
  Patellar plaques (large dark blue and black spots on the patella): mainly due to heredity, but because they belong to deeper spots, the effect of buffing spots is very limited. Laser elimination is the most thorough method!
  Q5 Can whitening products be used to eliminate acne scars?
  Judging by how old or new the scar is.
Acne scars can be divided into “new scars” or “old scars”: new scars can be whitened and lightened at localized points, but to eliminate old scars, it is necessary to use whitening products containing fruit acid to acceleratemetabolism!
  Q6Do I have to buy a whole set of whitening products?
Which one should I choose if I buy only one?
  You don’t have to buy the whole set.
If the budget is limited, you can only choose a bottle according to the content of whitening ingredients. The order of selection is: essence> lotion> lotion> face wash!
  Q7 When my face is a little hot and red, can I take whitening care immediately?
  First calm and relieve inflammation symptoms is preferred.Long-term high temperature, the skin temperature will rise or have redness and inflammation. At this time, it is necessary to give priority to cooling and calming. You can use ice or cool spray with moisturizing ingredients.

Do not use whitening products directly when your skin is in an irritated state. It will over-irritate and may make the swelling more serious!

  TIPS: Soothing, sedative skin care products to rescue sunburned red and swollen muscles Q8 In addition to daily maintenance, how can you enhance whitening?

  Apply 1 week?
2 times whitening mask.

Basic sun protection is the most important, plus 1 week?
The whitening mask twice to match the basic care on weekdays, the whitening effect will be more significant!

  TIPS: The best time to apply the mask is after bathing, using water vapor to open the pores and applying, the penetration and absorption of whitening essence will greatly increase!

I get dizzy and nausea in the morning

I get dizzy and nausea in the morning

Shoulder and neck pain are common for older people, people who write at desks for long periods of time, and people who stay in the same posture for a long time due to work.

Therefore, Wang Ye, director of neurosurgery at the Shenyang Red Cross Hospital, said that in addition to cervical disease, this condition may also be caused by “cervical myofascial pain syndrome”.

If the cause can be determined and treated as soon as possible, the quality of life of patients will be greatly improved.

  When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to vomit the disease and I was on my neck. Wang Bao told reporters that not long ago, a 60-year-old female patient with a strange disease came to the ward of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Shenyang Red Cross Hospital.

She told the doctor that she would feel confused and disgusted every morning when she woke up, and the sky turned round. The back of her neck seemed to be clinging to a big cake.

In order to solve this problem, the old man went to many hospitals to check the brain with his family and found no pathogenic factors.

After learning about the situation, Wang Min noticed the symptoms of neck discomfort for the first time.

Experience has taught him that patients should first solve their neck problems.

Because all the head discomforts are probably caused by a neck problem.

At first, the patient didn’t believe it.

But after receiving the first treatment, the patient’s symptoms were greatly reduced.

Later, the patient received the administered treatment and has now basically recovered.

  Wang Yan told reporters that the patient was suffering from “cervical fascia pain syndrome”.

This disease is very common in people who work at desks all year round, in the elderly, and in people who work in one posture for a long time.

The main symptoms of the patient are shoulder pain, migraine, confusion, nausea, etc.

For this disease, “radiofrequency analgesia” is commonly used in the medical community for treatment.

  There are different treatment methods for different pain levels. Wang Ye explained that there are two main types of “RF analgesia technology”.

One is continuous radio frequency.

It uses a specific puncture needle to accurately output ultra-high frequency radio waves, so that local tissues generate high temperatures, so as to thermally coagulate or cut and loosen.

This method can destroy the pain-causing lesions, and to some extent lead to the effect of “root removal”, but it may bring complications such as local numbness.

Therefore, whether this method can be used for treatment depends on the doctor’s correct grasp of the condition.

The second type is pulsed radio frequency.

It can generate a strong electromagnetic field in a certain area, apply it to cells, inhibit the excitatory synapses, change the signaling of pain sensory nerves, and reduce the body’s sensitivity to painful stimuli.

This kind of treatment is safer, it can be treated repeatedly, and the damage to the body is small, so it is suitable for patients with less severe illness.

In addition to shoulder pain, pain, lumbar pain, lumbar disc herniation, and malignant pain such as fractured nerves, occipital nerves, and intercostal nerves can also be treated with this method.

  Wang Min reminded that patients who had installed a pacemaker because of heart disease, and those who had a disorder in the coagulation mechanism for some reason, were not suitable for this method of treatment.

Boss favorite celebrities have 5 characteristics

Boss favorite celebrities have 5 characteristics


Low-profile loyalty to the first red people around the bosses of the top ten domestic companies for analysisA few of them have diplomas from prestigious foreign universities, and not everyone will work overtime, but loyalty to the company and low-key to the outside are common characteristics of these star employees.

If you want to follow your boss for a long time, you must first gain trust and consider everything for the boss. To win the boss’s trust, low-key behavior is another characteristic.


Be proactive In fast-changing workplaces, you may not be able to keep a job without professional expertise.

Proactive employees are required to do some extra chores, or work outside the branch, go beyond the company’s requirements, break through daily work practices, bring new ideas to the work of the colleague or the company, and be able to perform.


The network is full of high self-management professional skills and a proactive spirit are only the basis, and it is to be reused by the boss. The work strategy includes a sufficient network of contacts, and self-management at work to ensure high-level performance.

  Enriching people is not just about mingling with colleagues in the same field of work. The key is to establish a trusted communication channel with professionals outside the company through information exchange to reduce the blind spots of knowledge encountered at work.

This network of contacts, centered on professional knowledge, allows star employees to grasp information more quickly than their colleagues and increase productivity.


It’s not enough to know self-management from the boss’s network.

Star employees even have different opinions from their bosses, and they will still be a good follower and cooperate with leaders.


Good organizational understanding is good at expressing communication. Star employees must have good organizational understanding, understand the true power potential of the organization, and understand how to promote their ideas, resolve conflicts, and achieve work goals in a competitive workplace.

Finally, you need to know how to choose a message and reach and persuade a specific audience through the most effective model.

Five warning signs on your face remind you that your body is red

Five warning signs on your face remind you that your body is red

As the saying goes, “Illness comes down like a mountain.”

In fact, there is a process for the occurrence and development of any disease. Before the emergence, there are some physical precursors, but they have not caused us enough knowledge.

With the increase of health consciousness, we should give enough awareness to the bad signals sent by the human body, so as not to cause disaster.

Face warning signals When washing your face, look in the mirror to see if your face is abnormal: 1. If you find that your face is flushed, it may be related to heart disease or high blood pressure; 2. If your face is yellow, accompanied by your bodyTired, it is likely to be jaundice hepatitis; 3, if you notice changes in eye color, congestion, turbidity, yellowish color, you should go to the doctor immediately; 4, if the eyelids are pale, it may indicate iron deficiency anemia; 5,If there is a blurred gray ring in the cornea, it means that the heart may have a problem. If it is a 30-50 year old man, he should go to the hospital immediately.

Warning signs of eyes The eyes are flowery, the corners of the eyes are dry, and nothing is clear.

This is a precursor to liver failure.

If you press around the liver, you will feel bloated. In addition to seeking medical treatment in a timely manner, pay attention to eye hygiene and do not make your eyes too tired.

If eye pain is frequent, in addition to eye fatigue, the elderly should be aware of glaucoma when this happens.

Ophthalmologists have investigated and found that people are prone to eye fatigue in the following four aspects: 1. Eye factors are mainly caused by refractive errors, excessive eye use, eye diseases, and abnormal eye development.

2. Physical and Life Factors People over 40 years of age have eyes that start to age, but fail to match reading glasses in time, and prone to eye fatigue.

3. Environmental factors Insufficient lighting at work or study places, long reading and writing and working hours, and unreliable line-of-sight.

Eyes can be strained, such as reading, writing, and working on cars and boats.

Working with the eyes overloaded is prone to cause eye fatigue and subsequently cause myopia and other diseases.

Ears are always buzzing. This is a sign that kidney function is gradually deteriorating. Sometimes it is accompanied by foot pain, back pain, frequent urination and other symptoms. People who are overworked should pay special attention to work and rest to avoid excessive fatigue., Drink less, eat less irritating foods such as ginger, pepper.

Warning signs of nose Nose is not working, and often cough, sometimes even breathing difficulties, this is a sign of gradual decline in lung function.

Patients should first pay attention to diet, quit smoking or control the amount of smoking, and do not stay with people who smoke regularly.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, strengthen physical exercise, and prevent the occurrence of pulmonary complications.

The warning sign in the mouth feels numb and the body is getting thinner.

This shows that the phosphate function is gradually worsening, mainly due to eating disorders, improper recovery and full recovery. Poor pulverization can cause stomach damage. When the stomach is damaged, the lips will become significantly dry.

In addition to adjusting your diet at this time, be careful not to eat cold, greasy food.

How to understand the imaging manifestations of femoral head necrosis?

How to understand the imaging manifestations of femoral head necrosis?

How to understand the imaging manifestations of femoral head necrosis?
Let’s find out!

  (1) Early X-ray manifestation of femoral head necrosis: The hip joint space is slightly widened, mainly in the middle and lower joints, mainly due to the widening of articular cartilage and the femoral head outward.It can reach 5mm, which is generally considered to be caused by congestion of soft tissues in and around the joints, which can be reversed.

  Medium-term: The femoral head leather can be broken (stepped) and angled, and parallel double cortical signs (longitudinal signs) appear at the base. The step signs and replacement signs are the early signs of the X-ray to determine the collapse of the femoral head, and then the femoral head is widely dislocated.And broken, the dead bones, fissures, sclerosis and light transmission area can be seen inside, the femoral head is compressed to change the cross section, the contour is irregular, and the joint cavity is initially widened due to the flattening of the femoral head.

Cortical thickening or periosteal hyperplasia appears below the femoral neck, joint space can be irregularly narrowed, wedge-shaped articular surface hyperplasia and sclerosis, Sheaton line is discontinuous, and femoral head fragments can become joint free bodies.

  Late stage: The femoral skull structure completely disappears, the femoral head is significantly flattened or deformed, there is diffuse or localized sclerosis or cystic area, the joint space is narrowed, the femoral head is thickened, and there may be joint subluxation.

The acetabular edge and the base of the femoral head hyperplasia became osteophytes, the acetabular articular surface hardened and the capsule changed, the femoral head and acetabulum flattened, and the femoral neck absorbed, making the lower limbs shorter.

  (2) CT manifestations of femoral head necrosis: There is no obvious abnormality of bone in stage I, but there may be thickening of the synovium, swelling of the joint capsule, effusion of the joint cavity, and relative widening of the joint space.

  Stage Ⅱ femoral head is normal without collapse. Normally, the center of the femoral head is increased in physiological density of bone trabecula due to the effect of heavy stress. When the bone fracture is found, the trabecular bone trabecula is found.The absorption is uneven and large-eye shape. As a result of reflective hyperplasia, the starburst bone pattern is thickened, distorted and dense.

  Stage Ⅲ is called the pre-collapse period. The femoral head becomes flat, and a narrow thin translucent band is seen under the articular surface of the upper part of the femoral head.

  Stage IV femoral head collapse and deformation. There are different degrees of cysts inside the femoral head. The surrounding area is hardened or irregular. The concentration area caused by the collapse can be seen in fragments and free joints.

Secondary degenerative osteoarthropathy, hyperplastic bone spurs, joint space flexion, and joint subluxation.

  (3) Magnetic resonance imaging of femoral head necrosis showed sensitive osteopenic scan and CT and X-ray examination.

This is because after the necrosis of the femoral head, the changes of the pyramid that the repairing tissue continues to extend above the dead zone are earlier than the bone changes. MRI can reflect the changes of bone marrow cells before the bone collapse and repair.

Therefore, MRI should be the main method for early diagnosis of osteonecrosis.

  In general, the patients are asymptomatic, with pathological manifestations of loss of hematopoietic bone marrow, retention of cytoplasm with sinusoidal tubules, interstitial fluid and necrosis of abnormal bone marrow cells.

MRI can be normal, showing a tracer cold spot on the bone scan.

The above cold spots can only appear to be weaker during MRI dynamic scans.

  Stage Ⅰ femoral head is not deformed, joint space is normal, plain X-ray film, CT can not show obvious bone protrusion, called X-ray early stage.

T1 femoral head weight-bearing area (according to the characteristics of the joint vertebra structure and function, the femoral femoral head spine surface is divided into two parts, the pressure-bearing area that is different from the upper and outer acetabular wedge surfaces, and the non-pressure-bearing area that is part of the pressure-bearing areaAnd non-pressure-bearing areas around the periphery) show line-like low signals.

The high-signal pathological features presented by T2 are bone and bone marrow necrosis without repair. The main changes are bone marrow edema, osteocyte necrosis, and osteoporosis.

  Stage Ⅱ femoral head was not deformed and joint space was normal.

T1 weighting is a heterogeneous signal with a clear crescent boundary, T2 weighting is significantly medium to high, and the surrounding unevenness is slightly lower. The signal is a typical two-line sign, and the location is basically the same as that of CT sclerosis.

Pathologically, a large number of irregular cell fragments in the center of the lesion are necrotic, surrounding fibrosis, new bone formation and granulation tissue proliferation.

  Stage Ⅲ femoral head deformed, spinal fracture, collapse, crescent formation.

T1 presents a band-like low signal, and an increase in T2 shows a medium or high signal, which is the joint effusion entering the fissure of the subcapillary fracture line.

The crescent-shaped necrotic bone had a stress subchondral fracture, collapsed and separated from the articular cartilage.

As the fibrous tissue grows into a dense avascular wall, the repair is blocked and the repair of the necrotic bone is blocked.

  Stage Ⅳ articular cartilage was completely destroyed, the joint space narrowed, the femoral head was significantly deformed and deformed, wedge-shaped sclerosis, cystic degeneration, and marginal osteophytes were non-replaced secondary osteoarthritis.

Cold Warm Italian Beef Rice Salad

Cold Warm Italian Beef Rice Salad

Ingredients for cooking (two servings): Thai fragrant rice (200g), water (200ml), beef (32), red and yellow pepper (half each), lettuce (several slices) seasoning: curry powder (2 teaspoons), Chicken soup (100ml), salt (1 teaspoon), white pepper powder (1/3 teaspoon), raw powder production method: 1.

Cut beef into pieces and marinate with curry powder for 10 minutes. Wash Thai rice and cook until ready for use.


After washing the red and yellow peppers, remove the seeds and shred them for later use.


Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil and stir fry the beef for 1 minute.


Add red, yellow pepper, and stir fry for 2 minutes, then add curry powder and chicken powder and stir well.


Pour the rice into the beef curry, stir well, season with salt and white pepper, cook with a little bit of water, and simmer for a while.


Pick and wash a few lettuce leaves, place them at the bottom of the salad plate, and place the cooked curry beef rice on the lettuce and serve.

Five fruit masks appear natural and fair_2

Five fruit masks appear naturally fair

On a hot summer day, colorful fruits are on the market, which is mouthwatering.

But ah, it turns out that they can not only help us relieve heat and quench thirst, satisfy our stomach, but also help us to care for skin and create supple and beautiful skin.

A fresh, natural and convenient fruit mask, come and try MM’s beauty.

  1. Fruit mask effect: hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, anti-inflammatory materials: natural vitamin E, egg white, peeled fresh fruit Practice: beat the peeled cucumber (or lemon, banana, litchi, etc.) juice, add egg white, dripAdd an appropriate amount of Yangshengtang’s natural vitamin E, mix and mix well, and mash into mud.

  Usage: Apply evenly to brown, and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

  Editor’s comment: This mask is naturally doped, natural vitamin E has a good whitening effect, egg white can tighten skin, and is good for the skin.

  2, Apple mask effect: remove the deep dirt of the skin, moisturize fair skin, and strengthen the skin’s anti-oxidant function.

  Material: Apple amount, mask paper, dry allergic skin, you can add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, oily skin should add some egg white; practice: peel the apple and cut into pieces.

  Usage: Apply the apple puree on the face evenly, then cover it with masking paper, wash it with water after 15-20 minutes; once every other day, a course of treatment is 20 days.

  Editor’s comment: Apple skin care products are suitable for all skin types. It has the functions of making the skin smooth, moisturized and white and greasy. It can eliminate skin acne, freckles, dark spots and other symptoms.

  3, orange mask effect: remove dead cells on the epidermis, and promote the growth of new cells.

  Material: Yogurt, honey, orange juice (100 mg each), vitamin E (5 capsules). Method: Mix yogurt, honey, orange juice and vitamin E. Use: Leave on for 15 minutes and wash.

  Editor’s comment: Antioxidant effect is very good. After use, it is very tender, especially suitable for MMs who often contact the computer!

  4, Raisin mask effect: Raisin’s skin and nucleus have a good anti-oxidant effect, using Raisin to face can delay skin aging.

  Material: 10 fresh raisins Method: Wash the raisins together and smash them together.

  To use: Spread the juice of the razor with your fingers to smooth the entire face, and gently press to help absorb.

Rinse well with warm water after 20 minutes.

  Editor’s comment: This DIY mask is really simple, and it can be done in just a few minutes. It is really suitable for MMs who are usually busy.

  5, watermelon moisturizing mask effect: supplement the skin’s required moisture, cool and calm after sun exposure and allergic skin.

  Method: Peel and seed the watermelon and take out the proper amount of pulp.

Use a spoon to squash the watermelon pulp.

  To use: Apply this mask evenly on your face and cover with masking paper.

About 10?
After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Can be used every day.

  Editor’s comment: It is most prone to lack of water in summer. If the water and oil are not balanced, the skin will produce more and more oil.

17 questions to calculate how stressful you are

17 questions to calculate how stressful you are

When you realize the stress, there should be a clear and correct assessment and judgment, and the brakes seek the right solution.

In a state of depression or anxiety, the most appropriate strategy is to consult a psychiatrist.

  Not long ago, a middle-aged person came to see a psychological clinic.

He said that since joining the work, 20 units have been changed, and no unit can work for more than half a year.

When asked about the reasons, he said that he felt that the leader was not satisfied with him, and he was very picky. In the end, the relationship was stiff and he had to leave.

The doctor asked the middle-aged man in detail about his growth experience and family parenting methods, and found that he was always treated harshly by his parents since he was a child.

No matter how much he has achieved, his parents rarely praise him, even criticize and degrade him.

In such an environment, he implicitly formed a dark belief in interpersonal relationships: I am not good, no one likes me; others are not good, they all look down on me; the relationship between people is not good, noUnity, there is no friendship, only mutual derogation and shame.

This is the root cause of his workplace stress.

  In fact, not all stress comes from workload, interpersonal relationships, and other factors. It may also come from a certain life experience or traumatic event.

Therefore, when you are aware of the stress, you should have a clear and accurate assessment judgment, and the brakes seek the right solution.

  How to judge the degree of stress?

The following is a simple stress assessment assessment: 1.

Time is always tight, so every second counts.

Time is confused.

For example, when you cross the road, you red light and walk and talk quickly.

(5 points) 2.

Something I thought of yesterday can’t remember today, and it often happens.

(10 points) 3.

Feeling a bit depressed, inexplicably depressed, often sitting still and dazed.

(3 points) 4.

Eat three meals seldom or irregularly, unless the taste is very suitable for you and often eat very little.

(5 points) 5.

Not as fond of partying with friends as before.

Not interested in various entertainment.

Feeling barely entertaining.

(2 points) 6.

Sensitive to urban pollution and noise, more eager to clean than ordinary people, and easy to get angry.

(5 points) 7.

Reluctant to walk into the office and find work boring.

(5 points) 8.

Worried about bad work, too concerned about others’ evaluation of their work performance.

(10 points) 9.

Don’t want to face colleagues and supervisors, there is a kind of self-closing importance.

(5 points) 10.

After working for a short time each day, I feel tired and have shortness of breath.

(10 points) 11.

Work mood can’t always be high, easily loses temper, but does no harm.(5 points) 12.

I look forward to escaping the office early so I can go home and rest in bed.

(5 points) 13.

Insomnia often at night.

Even when I fell asleep, I was always dreaming, and the quality of sleep was poor.

(10 points) 14.

Appetite is low and weight has a significant downward trend.

(5 points) 15.

When it happens, you can feel guilty when you relax.

(5 points) 16.

I have headache / stomach pain / back pain and it is difficult to cure.

(5 points) 17.

I feel ups and downs after going to bed and worry about many things, making it difficult to fall asleep.

(5 points) Please calculate the total score, and choose the appropriate stress solution according to your score: (1) The total score exceeds 30 points.

This indicates that mental health has sounded the alarm. Although the level of stress is not high, it may indicate a lack of motivation in life.

It is relatively simple and dull, and the motivation for doing things is not high.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt strategies and methods to prevent self-stress, such as exercising, changing cognition, improving interpersonal relationships, and adjusting emotions.

  (2) The total score exceeds 50 points.

Shows that the level of psychological stress is moderate.

It is not only necessary to adopt self-response strategies and methods, but also to seek the help of psychologists to find the deeper causes of their own stress and improve and improve their personality.

  (3) The total score exceeds 80 points.

May cause a state of depression or worry about mood disorders.

The most appropriate strategy is to consult a psychiatrist and get the necessary help.

Cure diabetes

Cure diabetes


Sea clams take meat, smash and stew, and serve warm several times a day.

  2.Twenty field snails are raised in a clear water basin, and the mud is removed. Remove the snail meat and add a half cup of rice wine, mix, and then simmer in water and drink soup once a day.

  3.Cod goes offal and washed.

Cook as usual or take soup (cod scales are rich in insulin).

  4.Pig pancreas (cow, sheep pancreas also) several, washed, chopped, dried and ground, bottled for later use.

Take 3-5 grams before meals, 3 times a day, continuously.

  5.One pig feed, 50 grams of coix seed or 100 grams of astragalus root, decoction and take it once a day for 10 days.

  6.200 grams of pig pancreas, 30 grams of corn, decoction 2 times, 2 times a day.

  7.250 grams of rabbit meat, fried with thick Huai yam.

Let cool and drink immediately when thirsty.

  8.100 grams of fresh spinach root, 15
grams of dried chicken internal gold, decoction drink, 2?
3 times.

  9.500 grams of celery, boiled and boiled, 2 times a day.

  10.Wash 10HD grams of fresh spring onions, boil them in hot water and cut them into pieces, season with oil, and add them to the meals twice a day.

  11.Wash fresh persimmon leaves, concentrate with salt, eat 5 times a day?
6 tablets.

  12.Appropriate amount of wheat bran and refined wheat flour, one egg, 100 grams of lean meat, minced vegetables, chopped vegetables, add oil, season with salt
Pies or pastes are eaten as a staple.

Do not eat white rice or refined noodles.

  13.Amaranth stalks 100 grams.

50 grams of corn, decoction.

  14.Taking mushrooms as a dish or boiling juice can improve the symptoms of diabetes.

Take the underground rhizomes of Qiuzhi peanuts after harvest, remove soil impurities, wash, fresh or dry for later use.

  Use 50-100 grams of fresh product or 25-50 grams of dry product, decoction with water, 1 dose daily.

10 days is a course of treatment, and the second course is taken after 7 days.

If the condition is serious, one dose per day can be taken continuously without any treatment.

At the same time, cooperate with diet control.