Anticancer laxative tremella in fungus

Anticancer laxative tremella in fungus

Tremella is the white fungus commonly used in the family.

Tremella is the first treasure of gummy fungi, which has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the stomach.

Those with lung deficiency, fever, dry cough, blood in sputum, hemoptysis, chronic illness or fever, weak body, weak energy, weak thirst, and loss of appetite should be eaten regularly.

Tremella and laxative effect.

Elderly patients with dry bowel constipation, regular tremella reconstituted stool to keep unobstructed.

As the saying goes, “If you want to live long, the intestine is always clear”, the stool is unobstructed, and it is recognized to be beneficial to prolong life, resist aging and prevent aging.

  According to pharmacological research and analysis, Tremella fuciformis contains Tremella polysaccharide, protein, trace amounts, gum, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.

Tremella can enhance the body’s immunity, promote proliferative hematopoietic function, and promote the transformation of T cells and B cells involved in immune surveillance, thereby enhancing the body’s resistance to proteins and inhibiting the growth of peptides.

Clinically, it has obvious effects on leukopenia caused by tumor radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Tremella can enhance the activity of lysozyme in the sputum of patients with chronic bronchitis, improve the human body’s resistance to external pathogenic factors, or serve as a nutritional good for patients with chronic bronchitis.

  Tremella tremella tremella 5 grams. After soaking and spreading, put it in a bowl, add a small amount of water, steam for 1 hour across the water, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, continue to steam to thick scallion, and eat it all at once.

Taken every night before bedtime, it can help treat hypertension, atherosclerosis, and fundus hemorrhage.

  Tremella tremella soup 5 grams. After soaking and spreading, put it into a casserole, pour in an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, and cook with ice sugar until it melts.

Eating once in the morning and evening can cure yin deficiency and fever, night sweats, upset and dryness, tiredness, dry mouth and astringent eyes.

  Tremella congee 3 grams, wash and cut thin, cook with rice, when the porridge is cooked, put in rock sugar or sugar.

It can cure physical exhaustion, shortness of breath, cough, shortness of breath, night sweats, and facial flushing.

Five health health porridge foods recommended for winter health

Five health health porridge foods recommended for winter health

After Xiao Han’s solar terms, the coldest period of the three nine seasons, the cold winter health must pay attention to nourishing Yin and Yang.

Traditional Chinese medicine health has the principle of “yang in spring and summer, yin in autumn and winter”, so nourishing health in autumn and winter must be nourishing yin.

At the same time nourishing yin, we must pay attention to replenishing the yang, not just replanting.

  Old Chinese medicine recommends 5 health-care porridge for nourishing yin and yang.

  1. Leek porridge: 150 grams of chives, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the rice, add water and cook until the porridge is ready, add the leek, and cook one or two. Serve once a day.

  Leeks are sweet and spicy, which can warm the kidneys and impotence.

Medicine is often used to nourish kidney yang deficiency, and the essence is not solid, and it is the most commonly used dietary therapy for men and women with common diseases afterwards.

  2. Suoyang porridge: Suoyang 15 grams, rice 100 grams, the right amount of condiments.

Wash the rice, decoction the Suoyang water, and cook the rice into porridge. When cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, and ginger to the right amount. Boil it a little daily.

  Consistent consumption can nourish liver and kidney, strengthen waist and knee.

  3. Yam chestnut porridge: 15-30 grams of yam, 50 grams of chestnuts, 2-4 jujubes, 100 grams of rice.

After the chestnuts are removed from the shell, they are cooked into porridge with yam, jujube, and rice.

  Yam flavor Ganping, can nourish the spleen and stomach, benefit lungs and kidneys, especially for those with spleen and kidney qi deficiency;

  4, Cistanche lamb porridge: Cistanche 20 grams, mutton 250 grams, rice 50 grams.

Cut the hibiscus into pieces, chop the mutton, and wash the rice. After taking the hibiscus and boiling the water, separate the rice, boil and boil the lamb, cook until the porridge is cooked, take a little salt and take it daily.

  Mutton is sweet, warm and non-toxic.

Yishenqi, help Yuanyang, Yijing blood, can warm Yang Yijing.

  5, ginger jujube porridge: 6-9 grams of fresh ginger or dried ginger, 100-150 grams of previous rice or glutinous rice, 2-4 jujube.

Wash and chop ginger, and cook with rice and jujube.

  It has the effects of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, warming the lungs and resolving phlegm, but those with yin deficiency or pregnant women should take it with caution.

6 Tips For Washing Your Face In Autumn And Winter + 12 Goods


6 Tips For Washing Your Face In Autumn And Winter + 12 Goods

6 Tips for Washing Your Face in Autumn and Winter

Do not wash your face with too much water. Although hot water is easy to wash away oil, it will also damage the sebum film on the face, and the more it gets dry, the more it is washed. Do not wash it with cold water. The pores will shrink when encountering cold water, and it is not easy to wash off the dirt in the pores.

Generally lower than the body temperature, warm water of 30-35 degrees.


The cleansing method of warming and then cooling is not suitable for all. Some experts suggest that the method of opening pores with warm water, washing with cleansing milk, and washing with cold water to shrink pores is not suitable for all skin types.

You can refer to this method for mixed skin, but dry, especially sensitive skin, a cold and hot stimulus can easily hurt the skin.


The cleanser cannot be applied directly to the shells. This should not be a cleansing tip that is only observed in winter, and it should be kept in mind at all times.

Apply the cleansing emulsion directly on it, the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. Squeeze the cleansing emulsion on the palm of your hand, add water to knead the foam, and then apply it to the face and gently rub.Is the most correct usage.


Try to choose a non-foaming cleanser. The foaming cleanser has a strong cleaning power, but in winter, it is easy to transition to clean and take away the beneficial oils. Therefore, unless you have very very serious oily skin, otherwise choose a non-foaming cleanser.Milk it.


If you have mixed skin, you can choose a foaming cleanser at night and replace a light non-foaming cleanser in the morning; you can also choose different cleansing products for T and U zones.


After washing your face, you must dry it quickly, thinking that washing your face is to hydrate your skin, and leave the water drops on your body after washing?

Big mistake!

When the water evaporates, it will take away the water from the epidermis and make the skin more dry!

So, after washing your face, use a clean towel to soak up the moisture, and then quickly apply skin care products.

  The editor recommends mild and easy-to-use cleanser SUPREME AUPRES Pure Cleansing Honey: RMB 180 / 125ml This cleansing honey is liquid, which can produce delicate, rich foam, quickly reach the texture of the skin, thoroughly remove skin dirt and old horny, and make the skin cleanIt is transparent and realizes easy absorption of the next step of care.

  Julie Kou Jie Li Hou Skin Cleansing Cleansing Milk Powder Lowest price: RMB 380 / 200ml Contains a variety of plant active ingredients such as lavender and rosewood. The skin is clean, soft, moisturizing and moisturizing, making the complexion fresh and transparent.

  Eucerin saponin-free cleansing facial cleansing amount: RMB 128 / 150ml thoroughly cleans the facial skin, effectively removes makeup residue, dirt and grime, etc., provides a good foundation for the following skin care; at the same time removes the facial “T zone” shine, depthMoisturizes and moisturizes facial skin to restore moisture balance.

Particularly mild formula, no alkaline soap base, no alcohol, flavor, pigment.

  Avene Softening Cleansing Milk Powder: RMB 152 / 200ml contains 59% Avene spring water, which is mild in part and thoroughly cleaned. It can also remove makeup and keep skin soft and smooth.

Trace vitamin E, fights free radicals; hydrating biological factors are powerful moisturizing; soap-free, highly tolerant, ensuring cleanliness and makeup removal around the eyes.

  Ke Yan’s High Moisturizing Cleansing Gel Powder: RMB 170 / 150ml This is a gentle moisturizing cleansing milk that is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is a mild foaming formula that can dissolve excess oil and thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove residual makeup without washing it off.Skin’s natural oils keep the skin’s natural protective function.

Add mild moisturizing ingredients to clean the skin without drying out.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Dermatologist safety tested.

  Price of CHANEL Gentle Foaming Cleansing Milk: RMB 385 / 150ml when in contact with water, it will produce a lot of soft foaming cleansing milk, which can completely remove pollutants and make the skin full of vitality and freshness.

  La Prairie Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Powder: RMB 650 / 200ml is a cleansing product suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin, which can remove heavy makeup.

Its formula contains natural emollients and vegetable oils, which can clean the skin very gently and maintain the skin’s original moisture barrier.

It can be washed with water, and the skin feels soft and fresh after use.

  L’Oreal Paris Cleansing Foaming Cleansing Gel (Pink Green) Powder: RMB 75 / 100ml at the bottom to remove makeup and dirt, oil control and moisturizing, unique oils, fruity fragrance.

Clean skin, thoroughly remove makeup and dirt, control oil and moisturize; and a variety of vitamins and minerals, gently moisturize the skin; unique thickness and fruity scent, bring skin pleasant feeling.

Powder green formula-for combination to oily skin.

  Unit price of sisley botanical cleansing mousse: RMB 700 / 125ml suitable for any skin (including extremely dry and sensitive skin), the fine foam thickness, when used, it turns into a lotion thickness, very very delicate and gentle, while completely removing dirt, Can also maintain the natural sebum film on the skin surface.

  Opal Time Lock Gentle Cleansing Powder: RMB 135 / 120g, with fine foam, it can keep skin moisturized while removing skin dirt, making skin plump and soft after washing.

  The price of Sekkisei Pure Cleansing Cream: RMB 300 / 140g. It is a high-cleansing cleansing cream that can be used even on wet hands. It softens and softens the skin while deep cleansing thick makeup. Sebum formed by oxidation and deep poresDirt and other substances.
At the same time, it is combined with the classic Chinese herbal ingredients Sapindus pericarp peel extract and strawberry saxifraga extract (moisturizing) to enhance the skin’s purifying cycle and make the skin appear clear and fresh.
  Vichy Spring’s Cleansing Cleansing Milk: RMB 158 / 200ml combines Soothing and Invigorating Vichy Hot Spring Water with innovative soy buttermilk extract to thoroughly clean up facial makeup and dirt, and give skin a clean, natural glow in one step.

Containing glycerin and mineral oil, it is more suitable for dry skin. It can moisturize the skin while gently purifying the pores, and enhance the skin’s moisturizing ability.

Do you dare to talk to your child about death?

Do you dare to talk to your child about “death”?

The content of “Animal World” is “Old Simba and Little Simba”. When seeing the African male lion Old Simba dies, Little Simba lives lonely and full of hardships.”Little Simba is so pitiful,” she sighed and asked her mother seriously: “Mom, will you and dad die?”
“Maomao’s mother, Ms. Xu, was caught off guard by the child’s sudden question.” Death is a horrible topic. Should such a small child, should I tell him?
“Mom, what is Qingming Festival?”
Why celebrate Qingming Festival?
“Why do people die?”
“If I die, there will be no more me in this world, right?
“When your child asks a question about” death “, as a parent, do you, like Ms. Xu, wonder whether you should answer it?
How to answer?
Do not avoid “death” but to say the point of view of strategists is that, generally speaking, for young children, there is no concept of life and death.

“举个例子,我们现在经常讲‘体验式教育’,当孩子没有受过伤时,并不会意识到受伤的感觉,当孩子受过伤,他会感到疼痛、难过,但生死的感觉孩子无法去personal experience.
“Does that mean that when it comes to” dead “parents?
Experts believe that it should not be avoided.
“As the mother of the child, like the parents, I want to protect the child from pain, sadness and fear, because we do not have the heart to let the child’s life appear in a gray area, so the topic of death must be strategically stated.
“He gave an example: a child’s pet dog died, and his mother comforted him,” It doesn’t matter, I’ll buy you one later. ”
“At this time, the child quit, lying on the ground and rolling.” No, I want the original one! ”
“As a mother, you may feel that your child is unreasonable. In fact, otherwise, the child is very sad. The reason for his sadness is simple, that is, the puppy is gone, instead of wanting another one, the mother must let the child feel the loss of things around himPain, not blindly satisfying the child.
“When it comes to” death education “, I prefer to call it” life education “.
The death of the little pet at home, or the death of the protagonist in the fairy tale book, is a great time to infiltrate children into “life education”.
“Our purpose is not to let children recognize death, but more importantly to let children know life happily, know how to cherish life, and cherish life!
I think if the mother in the example gave the child such education in a timely manner, I believe that when the child owns the next pet dog, he will cherish it very much.
“Actually, when I heard the topic of death, the child was most afraid that one day his father or mother would die.” As a parent, tell your child: Don’t be afraid, parents will watch you grow up, and we will live together for a long time.
“Death is terrible, but as long as the child feels that his parents are accompanying, loving and protecting him, the child will not be intimidated.
Life education, don’t let children lack sense of responsibility. For life education, recently there are often news of suicide. How often are parents concerned about children’s literacy?
How many words do you remember?
Without a sense of responsibility and gratitude education, such over-loved and over-protected children are often mentally retarded.
In fact, we must not only let children understand death, but more importantly, let them feel the joy of life.
Children aged 3 to 10 have a very strong desire for knowledge and a strong ability to explore. She often asks why, in order to tell the children about the origin of life, she has shown them pictures of caesarean sections.Children will say how much it hurts mothers. This is not only a kind of life education, but also the cultivation of a sense of responsibility, letting children know that life is not easy, and cherish life even more. ”
Psychologist: Children’s recognition is divided into these stages. From the perspective of psychological research, young children’s understanding of death generally goes through these two stages: 1.
Separation stage: 0 ~ 3 years old, unable to distinguish the difference between “death” and “separation”, with strong “separation anxiety”.
Intimate and continuous physical contact is most important at this stage.
Structural stage: 3 to 6 years old, the “death” understood by preschool children means lying down, not breathing, and playing “doing house” to pretend to die, but cannot recognize that “life” and “death” cannot coexist.Often, death is often thought of as reversible and temporary. Like cartoons, death is often associated with falling asleep or traveling, and sometimes afraid of sleeping.
Children at this age are full of fantasy and magical thinking about death, believing that their thoughts or actions will cause someone to die.
Children also associate “death” with “old age”, but they are not sure what “old age” is.
Unless a seriously ill child receives death information from an adult, children generally do not think they may die.
Children of this age need continuous physical contact, repeated reassurances, and gentle instruction until a mature conception of death has taken shape.
Since then, it is the functional stage of understanding death at the age of 6 to 12 years and the stage of abstract thinking above 12 years of age, towards a mature concept of death.
Therefore, no matter how young a child is, he or she will have a direct or indirect experience of death and avoid the topic of death. Instead, he will suppress his natural life experience and feelings, making it difficult to find a way to unblock those experiences and feelings.Education experts: Parents who make children feel safe are skeptical: there is always news about death in TV news.

Do I have to explain to 4-year-olds about natural disasters such as war, terrorism and primary tsunami, earthquakes?

Expert tips: Try to keep your children out of these terrible things and sights.

If the child has seen it on TV and told you about the car exploding or bleeding, let him talk, so that you can know what he does not understand, and you can correct his misunderstanding in time.

Some things happen in your city, or they may happen in the city where you live, but do n’t tell your child your worries and anxiety. Instead, tell your child that when these terrible things happen, there are police,Firefighters and soldiers protect us. The most important thing is to make children feel that he is safe.

Parents wonder: Should I take a 5-year-old child to the funeral of a loved one?

Expert Tips: It’s entirely up to you.

You have to consider whether your child can insist on keeping quiet during the whole ritual and see if the adults can bear the grief.

If you think your child should participate, you should give your child a shot in advance and tell your child what will happen at the funeral.

For example, “The whole family, including relatives, will come together to share grief.

You can also be more specific, telling your child how the room will be arranged, where the body will be placed, and how to say goodbye.

You can also tell him in advance: “Maybe everyone will cry because of sadness and miss.

“If you can admire your legacy, you must tell your child in advance that her grandmother ‘s body is not the same as when she was alive, and do n’t point out that the child will also behave like you are sad. Children of this age cannot fully understand the death.I can never come back.

If you are worried that this experience will make your child unpleasant and prevent him from attending the funeral, he may feel that he has been replaced.

But experts believe that if the child does not want to go, do not force him.

Look at American parents telling their children “death” For their children’s “death problem”, American parents always make the most straightforward, simple and clear answers, and avoid avoiding that they are not ambiguous.

The original American parents saw “death” as a “summary” of “emotional knowledge” stored in their children.

They asserted that there might be a day when a puppy or a family member in the family really returns to the West, the child can use the “emotional knowledge” he needs to understand what the deep sadness he will face is going on.
Some elementary schools in the United States even offer unique “death classes.”

Professionals or nurses in the funeral industry who have received special training in the Ministry of Education enter the classroom to become teachers, discuss with the children what will happen when they die, and let them take turns to act, simulating once they encounter a loved one ‘s cause.How to cope with the death of a car accident, experience the desolate feeling of suddenly becoming an orphan, or walk into the crematorium to visit the whole process of cremation, and even design or participate in a simulated “goodbye to loved ones” ceremony and so on.

Although some believe that doing so may leave a shadow on their children’s minds, most education experts and parents support it.

Under the guidance of their parents or teachers, the children came to the Ning Nursing Home, which provides hospice services for terminally ill patients in the suburbs, and gently sprinkled the prepared colorful petals on the bed of the dying person.Send him to others.

Is it the best time to exercise in the morning?

Is it the best time to exercise in the morning?

There are a lot of people who exercise in the morning, which makes some friends who have no experience in exercising think that the morning exercise is the most suitable. Actually, this is not the case. The morning is not the best time to exercise. Therefore, you can exercise in the morning, but do n’t make mistakes.Believe that morning is the best time to exercise, here is a detailed introduction.

  There are a lot of friends who exercise in the morning, and many people think that the morning is the day and the most suitable for exercise. This idea may last for several years, but today we will break this common sense. The following is a detailed introduction.

  Many people believe that going to bed early and getting up early is a good way to exercise.

In fact, morning exercise is not the best time for exercise. Some scholars even think that morning exercise is not good for your health.

However, some articles point out that exercising in the morning is not good for health. The reason is that morning exercise is not good for the immune function of the human body.

  Physical exercise is a good thing, but there are too many misunderstandings, such as many people choose to exercise in the morning.

And science proves that early morning is the peak time of heart disease, especially when you do intense activities in the morning, so that the body’s hormone secretion is higher than in the afternoon and evening, the heart is forced to beat faster and interfere with the sympathetic nerve balance, which may causeThe athlete’s heart beats irregularly and even causes sudden death, so it is best to exercise in the afternoon or evening.

  Many people think that it is not right to sit down and rest immediately after a short exercise.

During high-level exercise, a large amount of metabolites are generated in the human body, and a large amount of lactic acid is produced in the muscles. If you sit down and rest at this time, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, and symptoms such as muscle weakness, soreness, and joint stiffness will occur.

Therefore, you should walk slowly and jog after exercise to make the body transition to a soothing state.

  According to surveys by medical experts, many swimmers who train in the morning have gradually reduced their immune function after gradual training.

This result attracted people’s attention.

  After observational studies, they tested that people produce too much adrenal cortex hormones in the body after morning exercise, and the corticosteroid content in the body increases.

This can never enhance physical fitness, and often increases blood pressure due to dermal hormones, while suppressing the body’s normal immune function.

In the evening, there is no such worries about physical exercise, because the content of leather hormone is significantly higher in the evening than in the morning.

  After people do morning exercises, the flow of saliva will slow down significantly.

Don’t underestimate the speed of saliva flow, because saliva flow can help people fight infection.

If saliva flows slowly, it will make people more susceptible to the virus.

  Researchers then followed this prediction: the best order of people’s exercise is not morning and evening.

During this period, the human body has the lowest corticosteroid content and the highest saliva flow.

I believe that evening exercise is in line with human health requirements. It is best to exercise in the evening.

  Drinking plenty of water after exercise is also wrong.

After a workout, people will lose a lot of electrolytes. If you drink a lot of water, the water and electrolytes will be imbalanced, and some people will feel dizzy and even muscle cramps. Therefore, you should take a break and drink some sports drinks to add water and salt in time.

  We can clearly recognize that exercise in the evening is the best choice, so that you can exercise after eating at night, I believe it will bring good results, can also make your body healthier, you can also buy someFitness equipment is also necessary to exercise at home.

Cucumber beauty treatment

Cucumber beauty treatment

Cucumber, also known as king melon, is the fruit of the Cucurbitaceae plant cucumber, which is cultivated throughout the country and can be picked all year round.

  Generally people only use it as a melon and vegetable additive for cooking and cooking. It is unknown that it contains a variety of ingredients that are beneficial to the human body, such as xylose, rice lactose, mannose, amino acids, vitamin G, and C.

Its sweet and cool taste has the functions of clearing heat, water, and detoxification. It combines fruits and vegetables with medicinal value. Cucumber is indispensable.


hzh {display: none; }  黄瓜美容多外用:  1、黄瓜去皮切片,贴于脸上,助白。  2. Peel and slice the cucumber, add a small amount of lemon juice, use flour to make a thick paste, and apply on the surface to remove small wrinkles.

  3. Cucumbers and tomatoes are sliced separately and affixed alternately to the double-sided and double-sided parts, the forehead and the double sides of the nose, which can be replaced once every 10 minutes, which can make the skin smooth, moisturized and elastic.

  Cucumbers are treated both internally and externally: 1. Gherkins are eaten with honey, which can be tried in children with indigestion.

  2. Mix the fresh cucumber slices with refined salt, drain the water, and mix the soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, chilli oil, and sesame oil with the garlic sauce (about 1:20 with cucumber) to make a sauce.Transformed into aunt, used to treat nutritional obesity.

  3. Cucumbers should be dried for a long time, and decoction should be used to relieve diarrhea and cure chronic enteritis.

  4, summer is hot, eat a few cucumbers a day, its heat-clearing and diuretic effect can prevent heat stroke.

  5. One cucumber is cut open, and the vinegar and water are half-cooked, all rotten, and the stomach is taken on an empty stomach, which can help treat pyelonephritis or chronic pyelonephritis.

  6. Remove the old cucumber one by one. Put the Glauber’s salt to make the bag full of overhang. When the nitrate penetrates out of the cucumber, it will become cucumber cream.

  (1) Eye treatment for acute combined meningitis.

  (2) Blow throat and treat chronic pharyngitis.

  (3) Brush it to cure water and fire burns.

Ouyang Heng, Professor of Dermatology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hot training three volts sweating front banana and back melon

Hot training three volts sweating “front banana and back melon”

Hot training three volts, sweating.
Excessive sweating causes the body to lose a large amount of salt and potassium ions. In addition to tiredness, muscle weakness, arrhythmia, drowsiness, and depression may also occur.
Xiao Bin, a national second-class culinary nutritionist, reminded that summer sports can be “before bananas and after melon”.
  Eat a banana before exercise. Banana is rich in potassium and fructose, which can quickly add calories. It is also rich in magnesium, which can prevent cramps. It is good for energy and electrolyte supplement for people who exercise vigorously. It can be described as an excellent energy supplement for exercise.
Before exercise, eat one or two bananas to reserve energy.
  Eat watermelon after exercise Watermelon is very rich in potassium, with a water content of up to 92% and rich trace elements.
Xiao Bin emphasized that after exercise, the heart rate is too fast. Do not replenish a lot of water within 30 minutes. If you feel that eating watermelon at room temperature is not enough, you can squeeze the watermelon into watermelon juice, which is delicious and refreshing.



[Medicine name]: Aster[Pinyin]: ZIWAN[English name]: Tatar purple ster[Source]: It is the dicotyledonous plant Asteraceae plant Aster root and rhizome.

  [Efficacy]: warms the lungs, lowers the qi, eliminates phlegm, relieves cough[indications]: cures wind, cold, cough, asthma, exhaustion, cough, pus and blood, throat paralysis, and unfavorable urination.

  [Sexual flavor return classics]: bitter, warm.

  ① “The Book”: “bitter, warm.

“②” Do not record “:” Xin, non-toxic.

“③” On the nature of medicine “:” bitter, flat.

“④ Materia Medica” “Xin Gan, lukewarm.

“Into the lung meridian.

  ① “Lei Gong Cannon Pharmaceutical Sexual Solution”: “Into the heart, the second meridian of the lung.

“②” Ben Cao Jing Shu “:” Starting with Tai Yin, and with Foot Yangming.

[Usage and dosage]: Oral decoction, 0.

5-3 money; or into pills, scattered.

  [Medication should be avoided]: Those who have real heat should avoid taking it.

  ① Annotations on Compendium of Materia Medica: “Tussilago farfara.

Evil Tianxiong, Qu Mai, Lei Wan, Polygala.

Phoebe Chenhao.

“②” Tang Bencao “:” Evil copy.

“③” Materia Medica “:” Training the lungs and kidneys, water deficiency and dryness, cough, asthma and bleeding.

“[Alias]: Qing Ye (” Wu Pu Materia Medica “), purple?

(“Bielu”), return to the grass roots, night morning glory (“Doumen Fang”), purple cilantro (“Compendium of Materia Medica”)[prescription name]: Zizhi, Ziyuan, Aster, Aster, Aster, Northern AsterAster, honey aster, mustard aster, honey mustard aster and other prescriptions write aster, aster, Ziyuan, Ziyuan all refer to raw aster.

Remove impurities for the original medicinal materials, and cut into the medicine.

In favor of scattered cold expectorants.

  Honey Aster, also known as Aster, Aster.

To clean the purple aster section, mix well with honey, slightly stuffy, fry with gentle heat until it is not sticky and take it out.

Prefer lung moistening and expectorant.

  [Brand name]: 亳 Aster: Produced in Yixian County, Anhui Province.

A large head and thick roots are preferred.

  Qi Ziyu: Produced in Anguo (formerly Qizhou) of Hebei Province.

Those with thick roots and no sand are preferred.

  Fragile Aster: After digging out the underground rhizomes, wash the soil, remove the residual stems of the reed heads, and then dry the fibrous roots and dry them.

  Aster: The dried rhizome of Aster.

Because it is a round steamed bun, it is called a purple steamed bun.

  Aster: Also known as Soft Aster.

For those with fine roots on the head.

Its head is clustered with many fine roots, which are soft and fluffy, and are not easy to break, so it is named.

  Northern Aster: refers to those produced in northern provinces such as nitric acid Hebei.

The rhizomes are thick, dry, purple, and soft. It is better to remove soil and stems and leaves.

  [Animal and plant resource distribution]: Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei and other places.It is cultivated in Hebei, Anhui and other places.

  [Harvest and storage of medicinal materials]: In spring and autumn, excavate slightly, remove the leaves and soil, and dry it, or weave the fibrous roots into small and weak dried.

  [Latin name]: Purple A original plant purple ster.


  [Processing method]: Aster: Pick out impurities, remove residual stems, wash, moisten, cut into small pieces and dry.

Honey Tilia: Take the Tilia section and add smelted honey (and a moderate amount of boiling water), mix slightly, stuffy, and fry with gentle heat until it is not sticky.

(100 pounds per purple tincture, 25 pounds of smelt honey)[Research]: From the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”; ① Tao Hongjing: “Zi Zhi, there are students everywhere.

On the ground, the flowers are also purple, with white hairs and very thin roots.

“②” Rihuazi Materia Medica “:” Aster, looks like a heavy platform, with roots as knots, purple is soft and soft.

“③” Outline Group “:” Aster, the leaves of the seedlings are distributed in March, and the leaves are connected in threes and fours. In May and June, yellow, purple and white flowers bloom, with sunspots, which have white hairs and soft roots. February MarchTake root and dry.

“④ Materia Medica Yanyi”: “The roots of Aster are soft, purple and beneficial to the lungs,” Jing said.

“Tang Ben Note” when there is no purple cricket, also use Baiji, Baiji is also son-in-law.

The Materia Medica has no name, and it was deleted when Tang Tang Xiu’s Materia Medica.

“⑤” Outline “:” According to Chen Ziyun, Zizhi came out of the prison, and the roots are as good as northern asarum.

Both Yi and Dong can be found.

[Identification of raw medicinal materials]: The dried rhizome has a round hoe shape, about 2-6 cm in length and about 1.

5-3 cm, with stalk and petiole residues at the top, often with a cleaned female root at the bottom, about 3 mm in diameter, grayish yellow, fibrous, and slightly hard; many fine roots cluster under the hoe.It is about 5-14 cm long and is usually knitted into weak shapes. The surface is purplish red or gray-red with longitudinal wrinkles.

The texture is flexible, not easy to break, and the section is gray-white with purple fringing.

Slightly scented, sweet and slightly bitter.

Roots are long, purple, and flexible.

Mainly produced in Hebei, Anhui and other places.

In addition to the above one, the Aster is known as Willd.
) Novopokr.
The roots are used as medicine (see “Altai Aster”); in Tibet, Aster souliei Franch.

And Aster diplostephioides (DC.

) C.


Clarke’s roots and rhizomes are used as medicine.

In Northeast China, North China, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other places, the roots of a variety of plants of the genus Ligulariaceae are also used as medicine.

Its quality is hard and easy to break, and it is fragrant and slightly spicy.

The original plant is mainly Ligularia fischeri (Ledeb.


(See “Gourd Seven”), Siberian Ligularia L.


Cass, Ligularia L.

Intermediate Nakai, Sichuan Wuwu L.hodgsoni hook

Sutchuenensis (Fraoch.

) Henry (see “Pumpkin Seven”), Ligularia L.

Big flower (Ledeb.

) DC.

Ligularia lobata L.

Przewalskii (Motto) Diels et al.
Microscopic identification: root cross section: old root epidermis has often been replaced.

The cortex is broad; there are 1 row of hypodermal cells with slightly thick walls and some with purple-red pigment; few thick-walled cells are scattered, with a wall thickness of 3-8 μm; 5 tubing are distributed outside the polysaccharide layer, often the same number as the phloemAnd opposite; the Kelvin point of the naphthalene layer cells is visible.

The central pillar is small and slightly pentagonal; the central pillar sheath has 1-2 columns of cells; the phloem cells are small and closely separated; the formation layer is not obvious; the xylem duct bundles are 5;

The central myeloid cell wall is slightly thicker and slightly lignified.

The parenchyma cells of this product contain inulin.

Powder: reddish brown.

  ① The surface type of hypodermal cells, the perivertical wall is curved in a fine wave, and the purple-red pigment cells are separated from the light yellow cells.

  ② Stone cells (rhizomes) are thin, round, square or round triangle, with a diameter of 45-15μm, a wall thickness of 6-25μm, and obvious striations and pores.

  ③ The thick-walled cells are oblong or oblong, with a diameter of 30-73 μm, a length of about 315 μm, a wall thickness of 2-10 μm, non-woody, and crevice-shaped transverse cracks.

  ④ Thin-walled cell-like attachments, with slightly thicker walls, mostly have obvious obliquely staggered network textures.

  ⑤ The inulin mass is round or fan-shaped, showing slightly radial texture.

In addition, there are wood fibers, ducts, polyamide layer cells, tubing fragments, and calcium oxalate clusters.

This product is thick and long, purple-red, and flexible.

  [Chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine]: The root contains shionone, quercetin, unrestricted alkyl, unrestricted hydroxyl and volatile oil, and saponin.

The reported saponin impurities have confirmed the structure of: asterosaponin A, B, C, D, E, F (saponin A, B, C, D, E, F), etc., and cyanogenin Ha, cyanogenin Hb,Tilia saponin Hc, Tilia saponin Hd and the like.

It also contains Aster compounds A and B (saponin A, B).

The growth product of Tilia saponin is hederagenin.

Aster essential oil contains lachnophyllol, lachnophyllol acetate, anisyl ether (fennel brain), hydrocarbons, molecular weight, aromatic acids, etc., and succinic acid is obtained.

  [Chemical identification of traditional Chinese medicines]: Take 2g of this product, add 10ml of ether, reinsert, filter, filter on the filter paper, and observe under ultraviolet light (254nm), showing significant blue fluorescence.

  Take 2g of this product, put it into a 50ml Erlenmeyer flask, add 15ml of the flask, soak for 1 hour, and filter.

Take 4 ml of toluene, evaporate the phenyl ether, the residue and 1 ml of vinegar acetate, and add 1 drop of concentrated sulfuric acid dropwise, which is markedly purple, and the upper layer of the solution is replaced with green (check for steroids).

  (3) Take 4 ml of boron impregnation solution under (2), distill off the ether, and distill the residue into 1 ml of methanol, add 1 ml of 2,4-dinitrobenzene toluene test solution, and deposit a yellow precipitate after heating (check for shionone).

Fitness Raiders: Bicycle Fitness for Office Workers

Fitness Raiders: Bicycle Fitness for Office Workers

Aerobic cycling method: Riding at a medium speed generally requires about 30 minutes of continuous cycling. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to deepening breathing, which is very beneficial to improving cardiopulmonary function, and also has special effects on weight loss.

  Intensive cycling method: First of all, it is necessary to specify the speed of each ride, and secondly, to regulate the pulse speed to control the speed of riding, which can effectively exercise people’s cardiovascular system.

  Strength cycling method: that is, riding hard according to different conditions, such as uphill and downhill. This can effectively improve the strength or endurance of the legs, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of thigh bone disorders.

  Temporary cycling method: When cycling, you can ride slowly for a few minutes, then fast for a few minutes, and then slow and then fast. Alternating cycling exercise can effectively exercise your heart function.

  Sole riding method: Use the sole of the foot (that is, Yongquan point) to contact the bicycle pedal to ride the bike, and you can press the massage points.

  The specific method is: when one pedals the bicycle, use the other foot without force, use one foot to drive the bicycle forward, one pedal each time 30 to 50 times, exercise in the wind or uphill, the effect is better.

21 ways to choose a mattress to make you sleep healthier

21 ways to choose a mattress to make you sleep healthier

Before the first part is purchased.

hzh{display:none;}  亲身测试舒适度  很多人在购买床垫的时候匆匆忙忙,80%的人恨不得2分钟就马上让销售开单。When testing for softness, sitting on the edge or someone pressing it will not help.

The bedding manufacturers did not stack the mattresses to save space in the library room, just hoping that you can lie down and experience them when you buy them.

  Therefore, bring your family and casual clothes. Ladies take care not to wear skirts to avoid inconvenience when lying down. Try to lie down as if you were really sleeping.

At least 10 minutes, lie flat and lie on your side to experience whether the spine can stay straight; turn over to see if the partners affect each other.

  Mattresses should be favored more than cars. We spend 8 times as much time with mattresses every day.

However, before you buy a sedan car, you need to know the performance, compare prices, and it seems that the test drive takes much more time than the mattress.

And, carbon dioxide cars have about the same carbon dioxide as a mattress.

So put up more patience and budget to buy a mattress, because it’s worth your while.

  In-depth hotel surveysIf you feel that the 10-minute store test is a little awkward, or you ca n’t make the right decision in a short time, then there is another way to stay at a hotel with a mattress brand that you are interested in.It’s also a romantic experience.

If you travel frequently or travel, it is more convenient, you can observe the brand of the mattress while staying in the hotel to understand the comfort of various mattresses and find the one that suits you.

  The second part is to choose a mattress based on height, weight, body shape, and sleeping position. Mattress selection should give good support to the body. This is the most basic principle.

Many people think that a hard mattress is good, but it is actually wrong.

People with light weight sleep in softer beds. People with heavy weight sleep harder. Soft and hard are actually relative.

Too stiff mattresses cannot support all parts of the body in a balanced manner, and the support points will only focus on the heavier parts of the body, such as erect and erect.

  Due to the extreme pressure on these areas, poor blood circulation makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Conversely, if the mattress is too soft, the spine cannot be kept straight due to insufficient support force, and the hip muscles cannot fully relax during the entire sleep process.

The study found that the softness of a mattress can generally be selected with 70 kg as the dividing line for body weight.

  It is also important to know your sleeping position when choosing a mattress.

Women’s chests are usually wider than their waists, and if they prefer to sleep on their side, the mattress needs to be able to accommodate their body contours.

If the weight is heavier, if the weight is distributed on the trunk like the average man, the mattress should be firm and firm, especially for those who sleep on their backs.

  Mattresses affect partnerships First make sure you and your partner have an adequate bed so that two people try to stretch and sleep comfortably.

If the weight of two people differs greatly, it is recommended to choose a mattress specially designed for two people, which can reduce the shock caused by the partner’s placement and movement and ensure uninterrupted sleep.

  People fall more than 20 times per night on average, which means that your partner ‘s placement will cause you to be awake 13% of the time each night, more than 22% of the time in light sleep, and only 20% of the timeThe third and fourth stages of sleep.

The third and fourth stages of sleep are the key stages to repair the body and improve memory.

When the soft and hard requirements of the mattress cannot be unified by two people, a more economical compromise is to add a suitable pad above the mattress.

  Latex mattresses are the most healthy and healthy latex. Natural latex has small holes inside the mattress to breathe, and air can flow freely, keeping the mattress fresh, dry and cool.

Latex has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, degradation, mold, and dust mites without causing allergies and unpleasant odors.

Latex has better resilience, which can conform to the contours of the body, so that every curve of the body has a proper support.

After each turn, the latex mattress can immediately restore the indentation caused by the body weight on the mattress, thereby effectively supporting the body.

  The better the bed is within the substitution that the bedroom area can afford, the better it is.

Such a person can trample freely when lying on it.

If two people sleep, the mattress size must be at least 1.

5 meters x 1.

9 meters, currently double bed 1.

8 meters by 2 meters has become the standard configuration, the size of a bed should be 10 cm more than the height of a person.

  So don’t be afraid of KING SIZE if space in your home allows it.If you decide to choose a queen-size bed, also take into account practical issues, how certain large mattresses enter corridors and rooms.

If the space is really small, you can choose a style with a zipper in the middle and divide the cushion into two for easy access.

  In addition, it is better to buy a mattress that is larger than the current actual demand, so that even if there are new changes in the family in the next two or three years, you will either have to get married or have a child, and you won’t have to buy it again to cause additional costs.

  Generally, spring mattresses have the most choices. This is the most traditional mattress, the structure of the spring, the filling material, the quality of the car cushion cover, the thickness of the wire, the number of coils, the height of the smallest coil, and the connection of the coilWay, these will affect the quality of the spring mattress.

The greater the number of springs, the more limited the supporting force.

Most of the spring mattresses are made of natural materials, they can breathe better, absorb the sweat emitted by people at night, and emit them during the day.

Single-layer spring mattresses are typically about 27 cm thick.

  The memory foam mattress has a good supporting force and is composed of high-density polyurethane, which can fit the body well and reduce the pressure on the body.

Memory sponges are sensitive to temperature and will be adjusted based on body temperature rise.

People with problems with the tip and lumbar spine can choose this mattress to provide stress-free support.

  Foam mattresses are lightweight and easy to carry. Foam mattresses are also called sponge mattresses. They are soft, portable, and lightweight, and are especially suitable for people who often move.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform. Repeat the intervention test when selecting, it is not easy to sink, and it is the good foam mattress that rebounds quickly.

  Before going to bed, do some gentle decompression exercises, like sitting quietly in one place, closing your eyes, and slowly contracting from toes to facial muscles and then slowly relaxing.

Inhale gently with your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth.

For 10-20 minutes.

Taking a hot bath will promote blood flow from the brain to the surface of the skin, leaving you relaxed and drowsy.

A small bag of lavender in the pillow can relieve tension, relax nerves and promote sleep.

  Adjust your sleep time according to the season and your needs.

hzh{display:none;}  大家都知道人每天应该保持8小时睡眠。It doesn’t matter how long you sleep, what matters is its quality.

Don’t force yourself to reduce your sleep, but pay attention to your physical response.

The body is the best monitor that will tell you exactly how much sleep you need.

Spring and summer should go to bed early and get up early, and sleep 5-7 hours a day; autumn should go to bed early and get up early, sleep 7-8 hours a day;

  The vertical pocket spring mattress is not affected by the blow. The springs of this mattress are separately packed in fiber bags, so each spring can be adjusted independently according to the body.

Because these springs move alone, they can effectively block the vibration transmission caused by the partner’s accompanying rotation, and ensure that sleep is not disturbed.

Each mattress has at least 3000 pocket springs. This mattress is best used with a spring bed frame, which is softer. If it is used with chip removal, the gap should not be greater than 5 cm.

  The third part is best to change the bed frame when changing the mattress. A good bed frame (lower cushion) is just as important as a good mattress.

It acts like a large shock absorber, withstanding a lot of friction and pressure, and it has a great effect on comfort and support.

Do not place new mattresses on old bed frames.

Otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the new mattress and it will not bring better support.

So please buy a bed frame when you buy a mattress. The two parts are designed from the beginning to work together.

  Adjustable dragon skeleton The adjustable dragon skeleton has the function of soft and hard adjustment in different areas and the function of segment or automatic adjustment of the body pressure, which can give the body the best support.

People who like to read before going to bed or need to stay in bed for a long time should choose this bed frame, which can provide support according to different postures.

The point adjustment can also adjust the curvature of the keel according to each person’s body shape, thereby ensuring that the entire body is well supported.

  Row frame is also a spring bed frame. The life expectancy of a mattress on a row frame is generally 8-10 years, while on a spring bed frame, it can last up to 10-15 years.

The row skeleton is stiffer than the spring bed frame and can bring better support.

The row skeleton is more suitable for matching the modern and simple headboard and frame combination, while the spring bed frame is suitable for American and classic style bedding.

  Part IV Daily Maintenance Spring Mattress Handling Do not fold In general, two people should carry the mattress.

Keep the mattress at the same level during transportation, which will facilitate transportation and cause damage.

Excessive bending can damage the internal spring system.Bend the mattress slightly as you pass through the door without over-folding.

When laying the sheets, be careful not to bend the corners of the mattress.

  Effectively keep clean. Get up in the morning and lift the sheets for several hours to allow the mattress to fully breathe.

Use a soft brush to gently sweep around the mattress to remove floating soil.

It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, as the dust inside the mattress is generally unable to penetrate the surface pad material and be sucked out.

Using a mattress cover is a simple and effective method, and it is most hygienic to clean it regularly.

  Regular rollovers It is recommended to regularly switch the mattress to maintain comfort.

The mattress contains multiple inner cushions for extended comfort and enhanced support.

For new mattresses, human indentations are often left, which indicates that the higher cushion is playing a comfortable role in matching the body shape.

In order to connect human body indentation, please change the orientation of the mattress occasionally.

For oversized spring mattresses, there is currently a flip-free design. This kind of innovation is very practical for families with a thin body.

  Do not do intense, nervous, scary movies or TV before bedtime. Do not drink coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages for six hours before bedtime.

Do not drink alcohol for three hours before bedtime. Drinking alcohol can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, snoring or exacerbate your sleep breathing.

In particular, do not drink too much, vomiting may cause suffocation.

  To create a comfortable indoor environment, choose thick curtains, do not let light through doors and windows.

Bedroom 18 is best for San Diego.

It is best to join the window before going to bed and close the window when you go to bed.

Through ventilation, the unhealthy substances in the bedroom will be completely removed from the room, and the carbon dioxide emissions we exhale during sleep will directly affect your sleep quality.

  The humidity in the ventilation room is also adjusted, and the optimal bedroom humidity is between 40% and 60%.

Especially in winter, the moisture we exhale at night cannot evaporate automatically, and these moisture will be absorbed by the mattress, and moldy.

It only takes a few minutes to open the window for ventilation in winter.